Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Announced for 2015

Volition's next rendition in the Saints Row series is Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell and comes alive in 2015. According to a trailer that debuted at PAX Prime today, the Saints' Johnny Gat and Kinzie are sucked into Hell via ouija board and battle demons, ultimately coming face-to-face with Satan. The game features online co-op for two players. Its version of Hell will be about half the size of Saints Row 4's ...

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PS4 DualShock 4 Now Works Wirelessly on PlayStation 3

Sony's latest PS3 firmware update quietly introduces DualShock 4 wireless support for the system, as we get the growing impression the poor old DualShock 3 is being quietly shoved off a cliff. Previously you had to plug in the PS4 controller to use it on PS3, but now you can sync it up via Bluetooth and go new-gen on the last gen wirelessly. We've tested it out and it's easy to set up. First, head to Settin ...

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Re-discover Your Video Games Like a Frugal Gamer

E3 2014 just passed and I'm noticing a trend, perhaps this will appeal to the frugal gamer. You know, the type that wait to play a game months after their release to buy it at a lower price. If this sound crazy then talk to the 40K subscribers to reddits /r/patientgamers. These people prove my point, what a great idea. There seems to always be a video game release right around the corner. Whose keeping up w ...

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Mad Catz Ultra Street Fighter IV stick to feature PS3/PS4 toggle

MadCatz Ultra Street Fighter IV arcade fightstick to supports the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 - the game debuted on the PS3 just yesterday - Mad Catz's latest arcade stick also features full support for the PlayStation 4. (image via MadCatz) Now that the news is out lets noassume that this feature stands as a guarantee that Ultra Street Fighter 4 will appear on the PlayStation 4, though Mad Catz communi ...

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All Three Models of the PlayStation 3 Are Backwards Compatible With PS1 Games

Did you know that all three versions of the PlayStation 3 are backwards compatible with PlayStation 1 disc games? This is not new information but one that has been overlooked even by many Sony customers, probably because the public assumed that the PS3's backwards compatibility only concerned the PlayStation 2 and so the PlayStation 1 was overlooked. And just for the record, there are only a few PlayStation ...

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Who’s Next? – Official Mortal Kombat X Announce Trailer

NeatherRealm Studios has released the trailer for their upcoming coming Mortal Kombat X. This is the 10th game in the series of Mortal Kombat games to be released. Mortal Kombat X will be released sometime in 2015 for Xbox One, PS4, Windows, Xbox 360 and PS3. The trailer starts in cinematic form in a forest with the fan favorites Sub-Zero and Scorpion. The two go into battle in the frosty forest to Wiz Khal ...

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The Last Guardian Released Date Teased by Famitsu

Once again some speculated news on Team ICO's The Last Guardian. Famitsu the Japanese gaming magazine teased the announcement of a release date soon. It's probably just more hype to keep the title relevant amongst gamers. The Last Guardian is the Team ICO's next upcoming game following ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. It was first debut seven years ago by Sony. The original release date was holiday 2011 and ...

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