Plague Inc. Review

Plague Inc. Review Eradicating the entire world with your own disease seems a bit morbid at first, but Plague Inc. makes it shamelessly addicting. There are tons of games in the pandemic genre, but none of them are as refined as Plague Inc. By Mikeoldboy Plagues In Plague Inc. There are 8 types of plagues, from bacteria to bio-weapon. The difficulties vary. Personally I thought the Fungus (3rd level) was th ...

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3 Tips To Living With & Playing Black Ops 2

Living with Black Ops 2 Maintaining a healthy relationship with Black Ops 2 is tricky. It requires patience, dedication, and unavoidable death. All are well worth the trouble because it is always better to rise to Black Ops 2 victory than to faceplant into its proverbial grinder. Here’s my problem. I suck. Faceplanting is inevitable. Rage builds up. Things are said. Feelings are hurt. Most times though, it ...

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The Top 3 Reasons Nintendo Will Never Die

  By Ludos Not many know how Nintendo got started in the U.S. It started with a few units in a major New York retailer during Christmas as a test run. All units were sold out and Nintendo has never looked back. But that does not explain how Nintendo has managed to survive among more competitive and aggressive competition like Sony and Microsoft, and not go the way of SEGA. Sony and Microsoft are by bas ...

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Top 5 Black Ops 2 Weapons, Classes, & Loadouts

I’m really liking the Black Ops 2 weapons and choices, and thought I’d put together a list of my favorite loadouts to use. After playing the game for about 40 hours at this point (prestige 3, level 36), I feel like I have used them enough to make a solid review and recommendations for the ones I like best. Depending on your play style and how long you have been playing, you probably already have a few stapl ...

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Google Predicts Xbox 720 Will Crush PS4

By Ludos They say knowledge is power, and when it comes to knowledge, Google has no rival in the private sector except for maybe Facebook. Google knows more about all of us than we can possibly imagine. Imagine warehouses full of servers, replete with databases storing every keystroke you make, phone call you make, and place you might go. Only the NSA (National Security Agency) has the capability to gather ...

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Black Ops 2 :The New ‘Pick Ten’ System & Choosing The Perfect Perks

I’ve been playing Black Ops 2 since its’ release, and have to say I am actually really enjoying the game thus far, aside from some still-lingering connectivity issues. I find several aspects of the game to be quite refreshing in contrast to the previous way of doing things in-game, such as the new scorestreak rewards as opposed to killstreak rewards. I feel like the scorestreak really pushes people to be te ...

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Dark Souls 2: An Early Gift For RPG Fans

Dark Souls 2 Announced Namco Bandai released a trailer for the next Dark Souls game, Dark Souls 2, during Spike TV's Video Game Awards. Finding that trailer is proving as hard as getting through Dark Souls itself. Lawyers are all hot and bothered about keeping that trailer in one place. Nevertheless, the video is being posted all over the place and the boards are lighting up with speculation. A little diggi ...

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