Bruce Lee Revealed As Playable Fighter in EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC's long-teased mystery fighter is Bruce Lee, and the late great martial artist is unlockable to all players who beat the career mode on pro difficulty or higher. EA also revealed the Enter the Dragon star enters the ring on June 17, when the Xbox One and PS4 game body slams onto retail shelves in North America. Europe joins the fight on June 19, and the UK specifically a day later on June 20. " ...

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2014 Video Game Release Schedule

January Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (PC) - January 9 Wii Fit U (Wii U) - January 10 Assassin's Creed Liberation HD (360, PS3, PC) - January 14 The Banner Saga (PC) - January 14 OlliOlli (Vita) - January 21 Broken Age: Act I (PC) - January 28 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (360, PS3) - January 28 Rekoil (PC) - January 28 Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Xbox One, PS4) - January 28 The Castle Doctrine (PC) - J ...

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Update ESPN NFL 2K5 Rosters

ESPN NFL 2K5, the last NFL 2K game released remains the juggernaut football franchise underground. Two generations later its rosters are still being updated. Operation Sports forums and NFL2K5rosters have freely hosted the free downloadable roster files. The roster files will function for the PlayStation 2, Xbox Original and since NFL 2K5 is also backwards compatible it can be played on Xbox 360. Here is th ...

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FIFA 14, Producer Interviews

EA Announces FIFA 14 FIFA is a staple in EA gaming Franchises. This latest FIFA release promises to further deliver on the improvements made to FIFA 13. Producer Interviews detail some of the key specifics. EA's FIFA 14 : The main changes to this year's take on the annual football franchise include: FIFA 14 ball physics engine FIFA 14 Pure Shot FIFA 14 Off-Balance & Rushed Shots Improved AI Protect The ...

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Madden NFL 13’s Coolest New Features

 A Look At Some Of The Changes In This Years Madden NFL 13 Despite being from the UK since the days of my good ol Sega Mega Drive I have had a love for the Madden NFL series. The more modern Madden games offer such a fantastic simulation approach to the sport that it can seem a little overwhelming to new comers. But I actually think that Madden NFL 13 does a great job in introducing you to the way of the NF ...

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WWE 13: Dissected, Weighed, and Heated in the Microwave for Dinner

WWE 13: Dissected, Weighed, and Heated in the Microwave for Dinner The WWE13 Roster – 3 Leaping Lanny Poffos out of 5 by Jumpman The players in WWE 13 have been graphically improved.  That much is good.  Now overall, the WWE rosters aren’t that bad, but I guess I wasn’t overly impressed with the depth of the playables.  It would be impossible to include everybody, but you don’t have Hardcore Holly?  He’s no ...

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FIFA 13 A Look At The Improvements Made To Career Mode

FIFA 13 Improvements As a long time fan of the Fifa series of video games dating way back to the Mega Drive days and Fifa 13 scores a goal. Fifa 2004 introduced something that we take for granted these days and that is the career/manager mode. I look forward to this each year. Fifa 13 by far is the best career mode in a Fifa game to date and I wanted to share with you a few of the things that I love this ye ...

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