The World Record For Highest Score In Donkey Kong Has Been Beaten

The constant fluctuating world record for Donkey Kong's high score has been taken over. Robbie Lakeman has been jumping over barrels for the past two years looking to get the high score to beat Hank Chien's score of 1,138,600 who has now dropped to the number  2 spot in Donkey Kong high score. Lakeman's Donkey Kong's new record score is 1,141,800 points. The high score record in Donkey Kong has always been ...

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Resident Evil 1 Remastered For PS4, XBOX ONE, PS3, XBOX 360 & PC

Update: The debut game-play trailer to Resident Evil Remastered has been released. Capcom is remastering the original Resident Evil that started it all. Resident Evil (remastered) will released on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The release date is due early 2015 and will be a digital download only, the new remastered version is not a straight port form the original PlaySation 1996 ...

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Shenmue Getting an HD Remake, Fan-Made Images & Video To See

Shenmue fan from Korea, NcoonKid had uploaded a video trailer and images showing a remake of the well respected classic Shenmue, originally released  Sega Dreamcast classic from 1999. Although Shenmue is a gem in the eyes of gamers, a Shenmue game has not been released since Shenmue II (2002) on the Original Xbox. This December will be Shenmue's 15th anniversary and it seems that Sega still has no plans to ...

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The Impact Street Fighter IV Had On Fighting Fans

It's the summer of 2008 and Street Fighter IV won't hit shelves for another year and while cabinets were released in Japan a few leaked out to arcade spots in the US and luckily I got to play it. As a passionate Street Fighter II fan the news of a Street Fighter IV made playing it my main objective. Lucky for me there was one video game arcade 2 hours down the road that had Street Fighter IV available and I ...

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Re-discover Your Video Games Like a Frugal Gamer

E3 2014 just passed and I'm noticing a trend, perhaps this will appeal to the frugal gamer. You know, the type that wait to play a game months after their release to buy it at a lower price. If this sound crazy then talk to the 40K subscribers to reddits /r/patientgamers. These people prove my point, what a great idea. There seems to always be a video game release right around the corner. Whose keeping up w ...

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All Three Models of the PlayStation 3 Are Backwards Compatible With PS1 Games

Did you know that all three versions of the PlayStation 3 are backwards compatible with PlayStation 1 disc games? This is not new information but one that has been overlooked even by many Sony customers, probably because the public assumed that the PS3's backwards compatibility only concerned the PlayStation 2 and so the PlayStation 1 was overlooked. And just for the record, there are only a few PlayStation ...

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“Reading Rainbow” May Come to Xbox and PlayStation via KickStarter

Actor LeVar Burton wants to bring his upcoming Reading Rainbow project to a host of new platforms, including gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation systems. For that to happen, though, funding for theStar Trek actor's newly launched Kickstarter campaign needs to reach $5 million. Right now, the campaign stands at $2.8 million from more than 64,000 backers. "Let's do this, ya'll. I'll see you later. But y ...

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