Dear Developers: Quantic Dream, Finish Kara!

Dear Quantic Dream,
We have not forgotten. A few months ago, you teased us with the story of Kara, the artificially intelligent android-sex-housewife-plaything. It was a tech demo, you said. Kara won’t be a game, you said. Kara wants to live, you monster! See what you did. I already care for her. Now, you have to make it.
If I were you, Quantic Dream. I would set Kara up as your next big title. I have two legitimate reasons. Kara fits your formula and you have the hype. I also have an illegitimate reason, which is producing something so interesting and not following through with it would be unfair.


You’re practically finished with the game’s design. You’ve got your signature story, a protagonist who is both compelling and vulnerable, and a possibility for awkward love making. Just slap some cover art on it and call it a day.
Although, a few improvements would be nice. I love your stories. Some scenes are excellently written. Some aren’t. Just have another person revise it. “Of course you’re merchandise, baby,” says weird mechanical engineer pimp. C’mon, Quantic Dream.
And then there’s that sexual partner bit. We know you want more of those excruciating, button-mashing sex scenes that you seem to enjoy so much developing. If you want to leave something like that out, I won’t complain. I’d rather not admit to myself that the best action I had in a month was with the X button.
That’s it! All the improvements I got. Improve your script writing and try not to put me or Kara in any of, uh, those positions. Kara the video game is there for the taking with a deep, original story about a terrified piece of merchandise. It’s a story-telling dream waiting to be realized. You’ve taken the first step. Let your fans give you their money. Make Kara into something real. You’d be making a big mistake if you didn’t.


KARA (650x350)

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