Will ‘Remember Me’ Be Worth Remembering?

When Remember Me was announced last year, it seemed like a smart new franchise for Capcom, who was faltering with Resident Evil at the time. They needed something unique and captivating to win people over. So when we were introduced to Nilin, a memory hunter who is suffering from amnesia in the year 2084, it sounded like an awesome dystopian game (a theme we’ve seen in quite a few recent releases).

Remember Me’s full premise is that Nilin, the main protagonist, has had her memories erased by her former employer and is trying to find out why, in addition to finding a way to restore them. What is most appealing is a game mechanic called “memory remixing”, in which you can manipulate an enemy’s memory by changing details so that their recollection of the outcome is different. It can be used to the player’s advantage, though there still hasn’t been much revealed about how it works beyond that.


But the more the game gets revealed, the more it feels like its going to focus on Arkham City-style combat with some story thrown in. It could very well be that the exploration, stealth and memory manipulation, while widely advertised, could end up being a small fragment of the overall game. That’s the biggest fear for those vying to buy the game on its June 4th release date.

Still, the world itself looks pretty impressive: a futuristic Neo-France with a world of interesting enemies, as per the trailer released by Capcom. It seems players will be dealing with everything from tough, heavy artillery soldiers to acrobatic ninja-like beings, so that should give some nice variety to combat play.

We can only hope that the actual story will be as engaging as the synopsis sounds; only then will Remember Me be worth remembering, and replaying, long after release.

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