Tomb Raider Gameplay Xbox vs PS3 Comparison

Tomb Raider Gameplay Xbox vs PS3 Comparison

new tombraider ps3 xbox 360

Side by side gameplay comparisons between the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have been done to death. What makes this particular comparison is the timing. The latest installment of Tomb Raider represents games making the most use of each console’s power. By now, most games are able to do that, if the developers want to, that is. What’s also interesting is that next generations consoles are right around the corner. This comparison is a   potential glimpse of what we can expect from Sony and Microsoft.


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  • Jack

    Identical. PS3 is a little bit darker. 360 a little bit brighter. Don’t see much difference in motion. Quality looks the same and performance as well.
    Yet I won’t buy multiplats on the PS3 because of the poor controller.


    Not with this resolution, you can’t do the slightest bit of comparison it deserves.

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