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EA Announces FIFA 14

FIFA is a staple in EA gaming Franchises. This latest FIFA release promises to further deliver on the improvements made to FIFA 13. Producer Interviews detail some of the key specifics.

EA’s FIFA 14 : The main changes to this year’s take on the annual football franchise include:

  • FIFA 14 ball physics engine

  • FIFA 14 Pure Shot

  • FIFA 14 Off-Balance & Rushed Shots

  • Improved AI

  • Protect The Ball

No exact FIFA 14 release date was provided by EA, but FIFA games traditionally launch in September.

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  • Alex

    SH!T game FIFA lost me after fifa 10.
    The tactical defending was a nightmare,gameplay rubbish.
    And the RIP OFF of FIFA ultimate team who cares FIFA14
    Won’t even pick up the cover to see what is looks like.

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