World of Goo Review

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World of Goo Review

Where have you been? Living under a rock? No, clichéd drone, I haven’t. Here is a mobile game review for one of the most popular games in existence – World of Goo.

World of Goo – An Old Game, A New Review

by alittlesharp

World of Goo Craft

Somehow, I missed World of Goo. I’ve heard of it plenty. I read the reviews. I saw the videos and listened to its whimsical soundtrack. World of Goo looked great, even kind of charming. I had no reason not to buy it. But I didn’t  Five years after the release, I purchased it for my phone and I haven’t stopped playing it since.

In World of Goo, you control these lovable balls of goo. You construct jungle gym like creations out of the goo to bypass the sometimes baffling terrain. When you reach the end, a pipe leading back to World of Goo Corporation, the trusting balls of goo are sucked away. The narrative is minimal – or widespread. The story lets you follow it at your pace. By clicking on signs in the background, you get treated to the narrative’s light-hearted and unusual style.

World of Goo Gameplay

World of Goo’s gameplay seesaws the line between simple and complex.  You have to reach the end – point A to point B. But in-between, you have construct towers, bridges, and goo-airship-wheel thingies. It will challenge you and when it doesn’t  it relaxes you. The actual construction is practical thanks to the intuitive, multicolored blobs that form into rigid or wobbly shapes depending on the puzzle.

world of goo review

Playing World of Goo on a mobile device feels great. You would think it was designed for touch screen – which it wasn’t – as you manipulate the goo. Responsive. Organic. Insert more overused touchscreen lingo. Still, I can’t think of better words to describe it. For a game that was converted for mobile devices 3 years after its initial release, World of Goo seemed designed from the beginning for gaming with a touch screen.

World of Goo Verdict

When I was younger, it confused me why newer games didn’t build off the successful mechanics of the old ones. By now, my younger self would have imagined that I would be playing games that were the amorphous blobs of all my favorite games. Things are a little more complicated than that. And while I’m playing with amorphous blobs right now, World of Goo does not have all my dreamed-up and excessive features. However, World of Goo is a great example of something old made original. It opens possibilities, encourages creativity, and it manages this with a delightful and relieving narrative. Younger me would agree that World of Goo is a reminder of what games should be.

It’s simple, it’s smart, and according to Metacritic – highest rated puzzle game across all platforms – I’m not the only one that adores World of Goo. If you were like me and haven’t played the game, you should. Available on Mac, PC, or your mobile device, this game should not be missed – not by the casual gamer or by anyone else.

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