Top 5 Kongregate Recommendations

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My Top 5 Kongregate Recommendations

By Ghost Lily 

Sometimes, you don’t want to settle into an MMO. Sometimes, you just want to blast flash zombies and enjoy simplistic graphics and easy-to-finish plots. Now, I’ve been a member of Kongregate for a few years and I have wasted more than a few hours popping in and out of games, enough to finally choose favorites. They have every genre you could want in a clean, clear layout with a leveling system that ranks you against other players, but what makes their games so great?

Here are a handful of my hands-down favorite flash games on Kongregate. They range in genre, length, and difficulty, so don’t be afraid to test them all out.

1. Elements

Let it be known that I do not play turn-based card games. Never have. Except for Elements. I scooped it up after a summer of being unsuccessfully mentored by my boyfriend in YuGiOh and figured that if I’m gonna learn how to master this genre, I may as well start online.

Kongregate Element

And then I never stopped. It’s a turn-based fantasy card game: your deck vs their deck. Choose and customize your deck from a base element and fight player vs computer or player vs player. Like most free online games, it’s got a pay-to-play element, but that’s only if you want a quick leg up. If you’re going to get started in this game, I recommend starting with a death deck, hint hint.

 2. Rebuild 1 & 2

I dream in zombies. Rebuild is a fairly easy to beat twist on the zombie survivor genre: You are one of the survivors and you are starting to build a town. Recruit local survivors as you expand your city walls piece by piece while scouting for supplies and fighting off the undead.

Kongregate Rebuild 2

The funnest part about this game is the customization. You can’t choose which survivors you manage to recruit, but you CAN optimize their skill sets and choose which of the supplies to give them. You’ll find yourself getting attached to survivors after a while, and some of their names are hilarious. Want to start this one? Hint: Check out the graveyard.

3. Monster’s Den 1, 2, & 3

Are you a dungeon crawler fan? Good, so am I. Monster’s Den is everything you could want in a dungeon crawler, unless you’re obsessed with high graphics and mobility. Spiral through multiple levels of a dungeon while fighting off hordes of monsters., you know the drill.

Kongregate Monsters den 2

You can customize your team by selecting them from a handful of classes, naming them, picking their positions on the battlefield and regearing them to make them as tough as possible. It’s easy to get through this game in one or two sittings, so luckily, they’ve got successors! All three are fantastic and run along the same premise: wander, kill, gear.

4. Gemcraft Labyrinth

Gemcraft is a tower defense game, and it is honest the best of its genre that I’ve found. With exceptionally smooth graphics and a dark setting, it makes the repetitive task of setting up towers to down enemies unusually speedy and fun. Most levels go so quickly and are so intense that you immediately advance to the next without thinking – this one will hook you from the start, be warned.

Kongregate Gemcraft Labrynth

5. Swords & Potions

This one goes hand in hand with Monster’s Den, but it’s on the other side of the fence. In this one, you get to be the vendor. Create potions, weapons, and supplies to sell to travel-weary adventurers. Upgrade your shop, keep customers happy, make the best use of your time that you can and expand your stock to succeed in this game. Although the graphics are a little 8-bit and bulky and some aspects of the game need improving, it is ultimately a fun way to spend your time if you’re looking for a low-key crafting experience.

Kongregate Swords and Potions

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