Plague Inc. Review

plague inc. review android games

Plague Inc. Review

Eradicating the entire world with your own disease seems a bit morbid at first, but Plague Inc. makes it shamelessly addicting. There are tons of games in the pandemic genre, but none of them are as refined as Plague Inc.

By Mikeoldboy

Plagues In Plague Inc.

There are 8 types of plagues, from bacteria to bio-weapon. The difficulties vary. Personally I thought the Fungus (3rd level) was the most difficult overall: You will start off as a measly bacteria, but as you win rounds you will unlock the next plague type. The gameplay is fairly simple, and there’s a map of the world that displays all the countries you need to infect and kill.

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One of the game’s strong suits is its ability to keep you playing, even if you fail a round. Most of the time, you learn from mistakes. You figure out how to tweak your disease to get those last pesky survivors. Once you choose your starting country, the disease will begin to spread. As it spreads, you gain precious DNA points, used to modify and improve your disease. Gaining these is as simple as letting the disease spread or kill, but the game keeps your attention by having small bubbles in different countries. Tap them and you gain extra DNA points. Spending these is the core of the game and is where most of the strategy comes into play.

Manage Your Plague In Plague Inc.

The game features three categories of upgrades: transmission, symptoms, and abilities. Transmission is used to spread your disease to the world, symptoms are used to mutate your disease or make it lethal, and abilities are your disease’s capability to resist medicine/climate. Do you invest in symptoms and make your disease deadly? Or do you make it sneaky and try to infect everyone before they notice?

How you approach Plague Inc. is pretty much up to you, although you will soon learn a lethal disease isn’t going to last long.

The people of Earth don’t like to be eradicated and if you start killing people too quickly, it will be game over. Once a disease gets noticed, a cure will begin to form. This is indicated by a cure gauge in the lower right hand corner. If it gets to 100%, game over.

Plague Inc. Review Score

There are very few mobile games that I end up recommending to people. Plague Inc. is one I feel very confident in recommending to all gamers. The game is free to start with, but I recommend paying the 99 cents for the ad free full version. This version also contains a nice feature to speed up the game, which is very useful during certain levels.

Plague Inc. Final Score – B

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