Importance Of Casinos In GTA San Andreas

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GTA IV San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto Andreas is based on the supposed state of Andreas, which is structured around California and Nevada. The three main cities are Los Santos, which is modeled on Los Angeles; San Fierro which is modeled on San Francisco; and Las Venturas which is modeled on Las Vegas.

GTA IV San Andreas & Casinos

Unsurprisingly there are many locations in the game that involve casinos, and casinos are wrapped closely into the overall game plot which involves Carl Johnson, known as CJ, who on his return to Los Santos from Liberty City discovers the his mother has been murdered and that his family and friends are in chaos. You, the player, control CJ and the story is based on gang rivalry between the Crips and the Bloods, notorious Los Angeles gangs, drugs, scandals in the LAPD, and the LA riots. Triads, the Mafia, the Da Nang Boys, and the Grove Street Families are all involved, and the Triads all own casinos based in Las Venturas.

gta iv san andreas casinos

As CJ you are invited to be a partner in the Four Dragons Casino which is based in Las Venturas, and which is in conflict with the Caligula’s Palace casino which is run by the Mafia. From there the story unfolds…

GTA IV San Andreas Casino Games

As well as the main story line, there are a number of casinos where you can play casino games, the kind that you are probably used to playing at on online casino. These include games such as roulette and blackjack, video poker, slots, horse racing and pool. These games mirror real life Casino games and you can get your lucky streak kicks by going to this casino site we found http://www.luckynuggetcasino.com/au/

In GTA IV San Andreas you can use these games to build up your bankroll, and you can also borrow money from the casinos, but be careful, if you don’t repay your debt they will send the mob out to get you. But don’t worry too much; if you are well armed you can shoot them and steal their money neatly turning the tables. GTA IV San Andreas is the best entry in the GTA franchise so far, and casinos play a big part in it.

By far the biggest draw of the GTA franchise and GTA IV San Andreas in particular is the freedom of an open world. From the very beginning, Rockstar created a virtual world where there are no boundaries and you could essentially be as bad or as good as you want to be. Still, the franchise would not be what it is if were not for the variety of missions, intricate story lines, and just like in real life, ways to “pass the time”. Playing casino games, such as Poker, in GTA IV San Andreas, will hold us over until GTA V.

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