Zombie Genre Gets New Life: The Walking Dead Survival Instinct

the walking dead survival instinct

 The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

One of TV’s most watched and anticipated shows, The Walking Dead, is making a prequel spin-off game with the show’s most beloved character, and fans hardly know anything about it.

By Ghost Lily

amc the walking dead survival instinctSurvival Instinct follows the two redneck brothers, Meryl and Daryl, on their journey to Atlanta during the beginning of the outbreak, before the show takes place. The player controls Daryl, arguably the most loved character on the entire show, and will be able to choose between killing zombies outright or using stealth to stay undetected.

Up until the “stealth” bit, this sounded like just another zombie shooter, and those are only so much fun, no matter who you’re playing as. With the release of Dead Island just two years ago, the zombie shooter genre needs a little bit of change, and what better change to add than the integration of tactical stealth?

So, what does this mean for the genre?

Survival Instinct: What We Know

Survival Instinct has had so little coverage that we barely know anything about the game play or the enemies, but what we do know is that whether amc the walking dead survival instinctor not it ends up simply being another first person undead blaster, it is bringing a whole new crowd of fans to the table. Players will have a different relationship to this game than other games like Left 4 Dead and Dead Island because Daryl and Meryl are pre-established characters that exist within The Walking Dead universe. Fans want to experience what they experienced when the outbreak happened partially because there is such an emotional connection to these characters – fans see them in the show and want to know more, and Survival Instinct will grant them that, along with putting the ability to make decisions directly in the player’s hands.

When playing as Daryl, you will be responsible for maintaining and rationing supplies and food as well as planning how to get to your goal. Zombies will be able to smell, hear, and see you, so the player will need to plan attacks and stealth missions before jumping right in and blasting away.

The US release date is set for March 20th. Standing a mere month away from the date, I can only see this game doing good things for both The Walking Dead franchise and the genre. New fans, new emotional connections to the characters, new play styles – yes indeed, zombie shooters are coming back to life.

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