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No matter the field you choose if you wish to become a champion you should expect a battle; a long road full of struggles, victories, and situations that will push you to your limits. However, those that do not falter in their pursuits and push forward even when all hope is lost will be greatly rewarded. The field of Gaming is no different. Champions are made every day on the Major League Gaming circuit. If you think you have what it takes why not take a chance?

By Mittens

MLG: Practice makes perfect

The first and most crucial step to becoming an MLG gamer is to practice. As with any skill practice makes perfect and if you want to compete with the juggernauts of the MLG circuit you will need a LOT of practice my friend.

MLG: Make a name, earn the fame

Next you want to make a name for yourself. As play online strive to have your Gamer Tag, PSN ID, or any other gaming alias you use strike fear into the hearts of your opponents. With every kill you are coming one step closer to making it in the big leagues. Remember to communicate with every gamer you challenge. Did you just get completely owned? Send the gamer that annihilated you a friend request and ask for advice. Even if they don’t take the time to respond they at least know your name. Eventually someone WILL take notice of you.

MLG: Networking with other Gamers

After you have played through several hundred matches hopefully you would have made some contacts, individuals that you work well with and share your passion for gaming. Though it may take some convincing on your part try to recruit these gamers as team members.

If you are unable to find anyone online who wants to join a team you can always reach out to your friends. Chances are you’ve known them for an extended period of time so the bond is already there.

Another good place to find teammates is local game tournaments. Ask the other gamers in attendance if they would be interested in forming a team. Thoroughly evaluate each players ability though as a team is only as good as their weakest player.

If all else fails you can register on the MLG site as a free agent.  A free agent status allows all recruiting teams to see your gaming profile and skills, and allows them to recruit you based on that information.

MLG: Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Once you have a team, or are a part of a team, you must practice again. The team has to work cohesively to execute the opposing players so it is essential that you work on communication prior to entering a tournament. Visit the MLG forums to find other teams that you can challenge for very valuable experience.

MLG Game Battles

After your team is polished into a kill streak machine it’s time to enter an online tournament. Online tournaments can be found in a variety of places but I recommend the MLG Game Battles. Game Battles is the industry leader when it comes to tournaments boasting over 8 million users worldwide. However, playing in the online tournaments can be fairly expensive. In order to compete in Game Battles you must first purchase Game Battle credits. Generally it costs $7.00 for 10 credits and, though there is some variance, tournaments are usually 20 credits translating to $14.00 a tournament; which is why many gaming teams seek out sponsorships.

MLG: Stay Committed

Don’t be discouraged if your team can’t seem to pull out a win. You have to remember that many people compete at this level professionally. Keep pushing yourself and your team forward and eventually the time will come when you will be crowned champions. Above all else, don’t give up. If your team is having a bad run it’s okay to take a break but never quit tournament appearances all together.

MLG: Becoming a Champion

After you proved to the gaming community that you are worthy of a championship run you must travel to a live MLG event. Many events require that your team compete in an online qualifier before entry is granted so be prepared. Again, it would a great idea to seek out sponsorships as a trip of this magnitude could become quite expensive. A full schedule of championships and live events can be found on the MLG website. Keep in mind that your entire team must be committed and ready to play; a live event is no joke. Gamers at live MLG events are the absolute best in the world. The competition will be fierce but defeating players at this level will launch your professional gaming career.

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