Far Cry 3 Made Me Do It

far cry 3 made me do it ludos mundi

When Far Cry 3 gave me the choice of titty-twisting my enemies or fanning them with a broom, my inner man-child rejoiced. For some, this gameplay might seem childish. For me, I say we need more. Maturity is stifling. Breathe some fresh air. Titty-twist a noob.

by alittlesharp

Far Cry 3 Gameplay Woes

Since Far Cry 3’s release date, Far Cry 3 has fidgeted in the hot seat; and as people both hail its gameplay and scorn its problematic story – or try to redeem it – I’ve clung to Far Cry 3’s overlooked grace. The multiplayer teeters on greatness. It was hard to put my finger on it – why I couldn’t stop playing the multiplayer. What made it better than other first-person-shooters? It wasn’t the novelty or the gunplay. Certainly wasn’t how good I was. It was, well, fun.

Far Cry 3 Makes Me A Badass Soldier

I believe games should let you do something you won’t or can’t. For instance, I can’t die a dozen times and get back up. I don’t know how to reload a gun. I’m out of shape. I get pissed if I get my shoes muddy. Basically, I’d be shitty in a warzone. But every once in a while, I like to imagine I’m a badass soldier. You know. Real hardcore.

Far Cry 3 Makes Me A Dancer!

This is where Far Cry 3 differs. In Far Cry 3’s multiplayer, what I enjoy most isn’t the ultra-realistic and atmospheric war that most mainstream first-person shooters go for. What I enjoy are the final moves. For those not familiar with the mechanic, at the end of any match the top player on the winning team gets to choose a fate for the top player on the losing team – either to punish or to show mercy. The cut-scenes that follow range from sick pranks to the dance offs – Complete with the Macarena!

The final move mechanic is a gimmick. Yet, it gets me. It’s in a different direction from where most big first-person shooters often end up, the ultra-realistic and often ultra-serious FPS. Far Cry 3 shows us gamers how to be immature or, at the very least, people with a sense of humor.

Far Cry 3 Is Just Fun

Don’t get me wrong. I love realism, but I also love something fun. If it has to sacrifice realism, no problem. For 30 seconds at the end of a match, Far Cry 3 lets me do something that I won’t ever do in real life. Far Cry 3 lets me be the gamer behind the soldier, the self-assured, cocky jerk that headbutts – or Zidanes – his enemy for the fun of it. Most of all, Far Cry 3 reminds me that I’m playing a game, not fighting a war.

Far Cry 3 And Multiplayer

Far Cry 3 multiplayer won’t reach greatness. There are simply too many issues with the final product. Far Cry 3 gameplay isn’t bad. It’s fast, fun, and doesn’t let up. The map designs are great. A recent patch fixed most of the debilitating crashes. Still though, I wait twenty minutes to jump into a game, some weapons are overpowered, and it is too similar to other titles with more advanced multiplayer. I want more. More gimmicks, more ways to express my inner immaturity and my irresponsible-gamer-self.  But too few merits and Ubisoft’s failure to realize the game’s multiplayer potential set Far Cry 3 down a path towards a lonely future.

Ubisoft did some things right. While most people might not appreciate it, Ubisoft needs to continue in the same direction they were going if they want their multiplayer to be taken seriously. Games should let you do something you can’t or won’t do, but they should also be games – unadulterated fun. It’s why the multiplayer felt so refreshing and why I will return again and again. If you’re not a Far Cry 3 ps3 or Far Cry xbox 360 fan already, don’t bother watching the Far Cry 3 trailer, don’t wait for a Far Cry 3 demo, buy it for yourself. Experience the multiplayer. You’re inner gamer deserves it.

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