Black Ops 2 Getting Old & Tired Already?

Black Ops 2 sucks ludos mundi

Black Ops 2, Sucks?

It seems too early to see loads of Black Ops 2 games on someone’s “LIST” for sale, some as low as $25.  Is everyone already getting tired of the repetitive running and gunning? crouching, shooting, up the stairs, out the window, down the stairs, die, respawn, die respawn.  Doesn’t it feel like you are a rat on a running wheel?

In Black Ops 2, YOU Are The Zombie

Sure, it is addicting no doubt, and so is crystal meth, but does it really have substance? Is there really a chess game going on? What is the difference between this COD and the rest?  Futuristic weapons, zombies,  a little more flare? The weapons are damn cool i know, the day glo sights look real as the one’s on my Gaston Glock 21 and yes this is as close to being in the fray of war you can get without joining up Semper Fi and shipping out to Afghanistan, but the end goal seems shallow. I stood back for a moment to watch my friends play for awhile to really analyze what was going on. They were like starving dogs licking a bone. They would just keep at it if you didn’t take it away. We’ve lost the lead, hostiles have captured the hard point followed by curses and blames. Then shrilled laughter once the kill streaks went up. I suppose this game offers instant gratification.

Personally i believe getting through Dark Souls seemed to be way more challenging and fulfilling than my highest kill or score streak which is probably 53. Ok, i’m going to go play Black ops 2 right now, nuke town is fun. Why is the MP7 not as powerful as it was in MODWAR3?.  Do you like the EO TECH sight and do you really use it? Is the loadstar cheap? Is crazyshooter8820 just too good for you? do you hide in your enemies spawn zone? no, well you should.

Black Ops 2 Rant

I have an idea. CALL OF DUTY 11 : COSTUME PARTY  Time travel is created and Alex Mason gets to go back to different points in time to change history, the catch is you cannot bring modern weapons, only people can be sent back. So you are forced to use the killing method of the day. You have to use the Eygptian kopheh to slice through your enemies skull for those who didn’t do their ancient civilization weapons training job in Montessori it is a sickle sword, or run him down with a chariot, or the mighty pharaoh throwing stick?  You go back to the battle of Gettysburg and as you march forward, it takes 3 actual minutes to reload your rifle, kneeling, buttstock down, tearing the paper satchel with your teeth, gunpowder down the pipe, minnie ball slug, then ramrod, percussion cap, cock the hammer, uh oh you got your legs taken out by a cannonball, respawn. Kill streak 3 !! yayy yuuh!!!. no? ok how about Alex Mason has a dream and he is in the land of Mordor? ok i’ll stop now. Is Black ops getting boring? What could make it better, could it get better? or has this horse had it’s last beating? Devils Advocate signing out. HOLLA!

By OG Gamer Goose

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