3 Tips To Living With & Playing Black Ops 2

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Living with Black Ops 2

Maintaining a healthy relationship with Black Ops 2 is tricky. It requires patience, dedication, and unavoidable death. All are well worth the trouble because it is always better to rise to Black Ops 2 victory than to faceplant into its proverbial grinder. Here’s my problem. I suck. Faceplanting is inevitable. Rage builds up. Things are said. Feelings are hurt. Most times though, it isn’t the game at all, but my own laughable mistakes. This is why I’m developed 3 easy steps for building a long and healthy relationship with Black Ops 2.

by Alittlesharp

1. Give Black Ops 2 The Benefit of The Doubt

Whether you’re blasting apart the undead in Black Ops 2 zombie mode, owning noobs, or just tweaking your kickass Black Ops 2 loadout, the game knows how to be addictive. The gameplay is – true to Call of Duty’s standards – invigorating, quick, and unrelenting. Between matches, even the menus feel visceral as you tweak your best Black Ops 2 class. That said, it always surprised me how easy it was for me blame Black Ops 2. It wasn’t its fault. Most times, it was mine.

For example, I’m perfectly aware that the executioner is an effective weapon at close range. However, the gaming me is stubborn.  He blasts away during Gun Game, peppering the walls around distant players and then gets murdered over and over while he reloads. Frustrating isn’t the right world. Remember the proverbial grinder? That’s more accurate. Is it Black Ops 2’s fault? No. That is most definitely mine. So don’t take your idiocy for granted and don’t blame Black Ops 2.

2. Let Black Ops 2 Know That You Appreciate Her

Try not to curse. Shouting, “Expletive you, you expletive slut,” isn’t nice. And if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. In fact, I work hard to show just how much I appreciate Black Ops 2. If I go through a match without the host migrating, I say, “Thank you, Black Ops 2. Thank you so much.” Whether it’s karma or not, I swear I’ve been getting better care packages.

3. When Playing Black Ops 2, Eliminate Distractions

I’m not sure what it is about playing Black Ops 2 that seems to attract distraction, but it can get out of control. This can leave to a hostile environment for your relationship. Eliminating your distractions prevents you from blaming the game.

Definitely don’t cook. Countless times I’ve left something on the stove. Try eating Go-Gurts instead. Saving energy on eating means more energy for Black Ops 2. Yay! And for the love of the game, don’t let your girlfriend or boyfriend mess with your loadouts. Seriously, makes me so mad when I try tossing a grenade through a window and instead I pull the pin on a bouncing betty.

Black Ops 2 In 3 Easy Steps

Following these three easy steps can mean a long lasting relationship between you and Black Ops 2. Now, if I ruin a perfectly good can of ravioli, I know not to say hurtful things to Black Ops 2. I blame myself. Yet my self-esteem has never been better! Our relationship is blossoming. My experience improved. I suck and I know it. On the bad days, I just remind myself that I’m just chipping away, unlocking more Black Ops 2 weapons and customization. I also sigh. A long, sad, eye-twitching sigh that buries those emotions deep down in there. Whoever said that could be unhealthy clearly hasn’t dominated a Black Ops 2 match that one time or unlocked that sweet gold camouflage.

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