Are Gamers Lazy?

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Are Gamers Lazy?

It is no mystery that playing video games is often associated with laziness. And why shouldn’t they be? Individuals that devote so much time and effort into an activity that doesn’t benefit society must be lazy, right? Wrong.

By Mittens

Society Defines Gamers

Society has deemed Gamers slackers because they do not understand the absolute beauty of gaming. No other form of media allows the user to actively engage in all aspects of the story telling process. Not to mention the video game industry is a major component of America’s economy.

Gamers Have A Bad Rep

So why does gaming have such a bad reputation? The media is largely responsible, often attacking the industry for their mature rated games. Children often become obsessed with video games as well, leading parents to despise the companies that produce them. However, as a parent it is their responsibility to govern their child’s play time for video games.

The video game industry is not an evil monster designed to rob children of their work ethic and create chaos within the home. Video games are simply a way to momentarily escape reality and if I’m certain of one thing, it’s that video games are definitely not for slackers.

Gamers Are Critical To The U.S. Economy

The video game industry has experienced exponential growth since being launched in the late eighties. In fact a report by the Entertainment Software Association claims that in 1996, the U.S. entertainment software industry accounted for only $2.6 billion in sales revenue. Fifteen years later, video game companies contributed to $16.6 billion in software revenue and $24.75 billion overall in the software entertainment industry.

The video game industry also employs a large number of individuals. According to the Entertainment Software Association there are approximately 32,000 people working as a developer or publisher for video games. Another 120,000 individuals work as retailers, marketers, or programmers.

Game Makers ‘Make Bank’

The average salary for someone employed by the video game industry is $89,781. I believe that is quite a handsome figure. What’s even better is that the majority of people who create, produce or market video games are very passionate about them which leads to more productivity in the workplace. However, being an employee of a company that produces video games isn’t the only way to make money with the industry.

Gamers, MLG & $$$

In 2002 Sundance DiGiovanni and Mike Sepso founded the Major League Gaming circuit. MLG allows the best gamers in the world to compete with one another in tournaments that are broadcast worldwide. Each tournament winner is awarded a cash prize and a rock star like social status.  So how much money do these tournament gamers make?

At a normal MLG gaming event the winning team, teams usually consisting of four players, receives $20,000 to split among the members. However at a national MLG gaming event the winning team is awarded cash prizes upward of $100,000. Those are not numbers I would associate with a slacker.

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