Xcom Enemy Unknown Soldier Class Guide

Xcom Enemy Unknown Soldier Classes

While researching alien technology will help level the playing field, it is still up to the brave XCom soldiers fighting in the field who directly turn the tide during the war against aliens in the hit turn-based strategy game XCom: Enemy Unknown. This Xcom guide will assist you in understanding the soldier classes and determine how best to form your team.

 by K Valentine

Xcom Enemy Unknown Soldier Class Guide

Xcom Enemy Unknown Soldier Class guide

Xcom Enemy Unknown Soldier Class: Rookies

Xcom Special Talents: Missing; Panicking

Unless you go through the tutorial, you start each game of “XCom” with a few Rookies and any additional recruited soldiers join up as Rookies. They truly act like rookies when encountering aliens for the first time. Their accuracy with rifles rivals that of Imperial Stormtroopers and they are quick to panic the moment anything goes wrong.

But every elite soldier has to start somewhere and Rookies are quickly promoted to a more useful class after they kill one alien. If he/she survives the mission with a credited kill, that Rookie is promoted to a randomly assigned class who can then be trained to what you need on the battlefield.

The only reasons to rely on an entire squad of Rookies is during the early missions when you don’t have any other classes available or late in the game when  every XCom elite soldier is still recovering from injuries taken during a previous mission. If it’s the latter case, you are probably losing the war at this rate.

Rookies are thankfully rendered obsolete once you purchase the New Guy perk from the Officer Training School, which promotes any present Rookies and future recruits into a randomly assigned class.

Xcom Enemy Unknown Soldier Class: Assault Class

Xcom Special Talents: Reconnaissance; Close Range Attacks; Getting Shot At

With their unique ability Run & Gun, Assault Class soldiers can dash to cover more ground on a single turn and still fire on any alien they happen to run into while dashing. If you activate his/her Ghost Armor’s stealth before Run & Gun, an Assault Class soldier can sneak up on a group of enemies and critical hit one of them before the rest have a chance to go into cover. Flush is an effective ability to get force an enemy out of cover so others can take a better shot at it.

Assault Class soldiers can carry a shotgun, which are devastating at close range. Run & Gun allows the Assault Class to close in on an enemy while abilities like Aggression and Close & Personal provide a better chance of dealing critical damage at close range. Alternatively, the Lightning Reflexes ability allows the Assault Class to knowingly provoke an Overwatching alien into missing its reaction shot and enable other soldiers to move freely past that alien.

So take at least one Assault Class soldier to see what inevitable danger lurks within each mission.

Xcom Enemy Unknown Soldier Class: Sniper Class

Xcom Special Talents: Long Range Attacks; Disabling Shots; Mercy Kills

A sniper’s job description is sniping and the XCom Sniper Class soldier is no exception. Once the Sniper becomes a Corporal, you have a choice whether to make him/her a mobile sniper with the Snap Shot ability that can fire a rifle under most circumstances but isn’t so accurate or a sniper with the Squadsight ability who can see the enemies that his allies can see and accurately take those aliens out but is a pain to redeploy. Choose wisely and based on preferred play style.

In either case, the Sniper Class excels when on high ground—Archangel Armor in Flight Mode works well—and with a clear line of sight of the target. The Disabling Shot ability whittles a target’s HP and prevents him from using his primary weapon during his turn, which is useful to weaken an enemy for capture or to prevent a mind-controlled ally from doing too much damage against the team without killing him/her. Headshot and Executioner abilities can make short work of an enemy so the rest of the team can focus on other objectives.

One Sniper Class soldier with Squadsight is usually enough to provide long distance cover. Two can be good on open ground, but you won’t really know how open the ground is until after the mission starts.

Xcom Enemy Unknown Soldier Class: Heavy Class

Xcom Special Talents: Suppression; Explosions; Shredding Armor

Heavy Class soldiers are hit and miss units. Their guns can pack a punch when they hit but said guns are so inaccurate that they miss most of the time. But with its abilities, the Heavy Class’ gun can still be useful to provide suppressive fire to pin down enemies or to paint targets so that other XCom soldiers can take a more accurate shot against them

Explosions are also part of the Heavy Class’ repartee. Instead of a pistol, the Heavy Class soldier packs a rocket launcher that blows up cover just as well as it blows up aliens. Other abilities of the Heavy Class can increase his/her inventory of explosives as well as increase the damage these explosives can do. Late in the game, the Heavy Class  is better skilled at handling armored enemies thanks to the Shredder Rocket or HEAT Ammo abilities.

One Heavy Class is usually enough to provide slow moving suppressive fire with a few needed explosions on the side.

Xcom Enemy Unknown Soldier Class: Support Class

Xcom Special Talents: Buffing Allies; Field Medic; Customized Support

Support Class soldiers live up to their name as their abilities involve supporting the XCom team. Smoke Grenade and other smoke-related abilities will provide cover for those in need. Combat Drugs in the smoke will increase Will and critical hit chances. Support Classes are also the best medics. The Field Medic ability allows the Support Class to use the medikit three times for three times the healing while the Savior ability adds more HP per medikit use. The Revive ability gets critically wounded solders back into the fight and is a lifesaver during Ironman Mode. Alternatively, the Support Class can increase his movement range to rival the Assault Class and/or provide suppressive and covering fire like the Heavy Class.

With the Deep Pockets ability, the Support Class soldier gets an additional inventory slot. Equip a pair of items to customize the Support Class soldier into what you need for the mission.

Fill out the rest of the squad with Support Class soldiers whose abilities fit your play style.

Xcom Enemy Unknown Soldier Class: Psionic Class

Xcom Special Talents: Debuffing Enemies; Buffing Allies; Mind Control; Ending the Game

Once you have access to the Psionic Labs, you can test any XCom soldier to see if he/she has the gift of psionics. High will is usually the perquisite for the gift. The psionic abilities can damage and debuff a weaker willed enemy or increase the defense and Will of allies. Mind controlling enemies can turn the tide of battle when it works. But most importantly, you’ll need at least one Psionic Class to access the final mission of XCom Enemy Unknown.

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