The Top 3 Reasons Nintendo Will Never Die



By Ludos

Not many know how Nintendo got started in the U.S.

It started with a few units in a major New York retailer during Christmas as a test run. All units were sold out and Nintendo has never looked back. But that does not explain how Nintendo has managed to survive among more competitive and aggressive competition like Sony and Microsoft, and not go the way of SEGA.

Sony and Microsoft are by basic standards American and European companies. They have adopted for the most part, Western and European culture, specifically that of the UK. Nintendo, however, is Japanese to its very core. It’s no surprise then to see the stark differences in their respective products. The Japanese culture of honor dates back to the now immortalized Samurai. The work ethic of Japanese business men in the 80’s and 90’s was widely held as the standard, and for a time, Japan was THE economic superpower. While much has changed in Japan, there are things that remain.

Now we explore the 3 key ingredients that have made Nintendo a lifelong staple of Gamers worldwide.

Nintendo Story

Nintendo’s games, more so than any developer or publisher revolve around engaging stories, chronicles, and fairy tales. Even against fierce competition, this unyielding commitment to telling a compelling narrative that child and adult alike can relate to, has made Nintendo a beloved brand.

Nintendo Characters

Nintendo has always created characters that are uncannily interesting, and as time goes on, every character Nintendo has created continues to develop and grow. The most iconic Video Game character of all time is Mario. His original name was Jumpman and his debut was in a Donkey Kong game. From Jumpman to Mario to Super Mario Bros., this character has evolved, and developed, but has never turned its back on its original fans. Where other franchises develop a character and then abandon it, based on sales, Nintendo continues to create, evolve, and invest in its video game characters. Link, Mario, Samus, Donkey Kong, but a fraction of the myriad of characters that Nintendo has graced Gamers with.

Nintendo Nostalgia and Freshness

Nintendo focuses on the kids. But the truth is that there is a kid in all of us. In this crazy world of responsibilities, and being an adult, Nintendo offers us both nostalgia of happy childhood moments, as well as new games that we can easily recognize and connect with. If you have kids, one of the best things you can do is introduce them to the same joy you felt as child playing Super Mario Bros. Nintendo is still providing those same happy childhood moments to new generations, while keeping the older generations happy with constantly evolving new games, characters and storylines.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Nintendo.



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