The PS2 Is Dead, Long Live The PS2

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PS2 Retired

by Veritas

PS2 Era Ends

We all have, as gamers, had a watershed moment. The moment where life splits into two discrete paths that will never meet again. For some, it’s crystallized in the death of a Big Boss, a piece of music, the end of a journey. The moment where we fell in love with a game, perhaps a moment where a tear was shed, a moment where something was lost and something gained. The moment where we stopped playing just to play and instead played because we loved it. As Sony puts the Playstation 2 out to pasture, the indelible memories are too many to list.

PS2 Memorable Moments

In Metal Gear 3, as I ended the life of Big Boss, as she coughed out her, our story in that field of white flowers, I knew I would play Metal Gear forever. In Shadow of the Colossus, as I watched my loved one carry on with a new life in her arms, I knew I had made a life possible. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I enjoyed a sunset from a stolen bike before going to war with rival gangs for control of the city. Each moment as clear as the day I first experienced it. Each scene was a gift. As is the nature of memory, one moment calls another. Reliving the nights burned alone or with friends, running through Final Fantasy or Call of Duty, is comforting. I received my Playstation 2 as a graduation gift and recall that summer spent with a stack of games and not enough sunlight. I would not trade it for the world.

PS2 Still King

After selling over a staggering 150 million units since its release in 2000, the Playstation 2 is going up on the shelf. When nostalgia hits, one can always fire up the old console or run the emulator. One can relive those cherished moments at the touch of a button. Or play games never experienced because of life’s obligations. I imagine the hunt for PS2 games will begin in earnest now as we seek to maintain our memories alive. Days in stores, garage sales, online, looking for that disc, that game that means so much, that is like our lives, like us, not re-released, not re-made, but original. As the game begins, as we travel back in time, we thank that old console that has been there with us. PS2, Rest in peace, old friend, and thanks for making our lives that much more enjoyable.

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