SNK’s Neo Geo X Gold

neo geo X Gold

Neo Geo X Gold

SNK Playmore is making it a good year for fans of its Neo Geo consoles as well as 90′s games fans. It has been a long thirteen years since SNK’s release of the Neo Geo Pocket Color but this year brings a brand new handheld packed with twenty of the original games. Ticket to ride in this trip to the past is a cool $200. You better start sucking up to Santa.

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Neo Geo X Gold Specs

The new toy sports a 4.3 inch LCD screen with a 480×272 display resolution, similar to the first PSP, and aspect ratio of about 16:9. The handheld features an A/V Output and a 3.5 headphone jack as well as internal stereo speakers. The directional pad on the right clicks, which may feel weird to players used to the current handhelds but will feel right to Neo Geo fans. There are four face buttons on the right, marked A-D, that feel soft but not mushy. A Menu Button and Start Button complete the face of the device. Acquiring the Neo Geo X Gold bundle will give players a scaled replica of the original Neo Geo X station which acts as the charger for the handheld. The station will also act as a dock for plugging the handheld to a TV, via A/V or HDMI. A fully functional replica of the joystick controller with the big face buttons is also included in the bundle. Additionally, the system now features four shoulder buttons, much like the PSP. Unfortunately, the old games and controllers are not compatible with this new system.

Neo Geo X Gold Games

The Neo Geo X comes with 20 games pre-installed. The list features some of the most famous games in gaming history: Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug and Samurai Showdown II. Fear not, it is not all fighting games. Old school favorites like Last Resort, Magician Lord, Puzzled and Super Sidekicks also make an appearance. The handheld comes with an SD card slot, presumably future game re-releases will be on memory cards, although no word yet on what those games may be. Despite the memory card slot, the games does not save progress so, in old school fashion, there will be no save files.

Neo Geo X Gold Pricing & Final Thoughts

When the original console released, the price tag was a painful $650. And that was in the 90′s. The new bundle, however, is at a more attainable $200 while the handheld alone will be about $130. SNK has not mentioned upcoming extra games or their price. For die hard fans of the Neo Geo, $200 may be a fair price to pay for what is basically a file selector. Certainly cheaper than buying the original or even one of the modern adaptations. The Neo Geo X Gold is a shiny new toy, though, so we are buying it, after all, that is what Christmas and Gaming is really about.

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