Christmas: 3 Reasons It’s A Gamer’s Holiday

christmas and video games

It’s Christmas time again and I wish you all a good holiday with your family and friends, plenty of good food, and, of course, many new games. I’d say winter is probably the best time of the year for games and for many reasons.

By Jiwe

1.First and most obvious reason, the Christmas presents. This is your chance to obtain new games from your loving family, but don’t forget, you also have the chance to be strategic in choosing which presents you give to others. Why not give your partner or your child that awesome co-op game you have yearned for so you can both enjoy it together? The gaming industry even gives you a push in the right direction by releasing the big hitters in November, giving you some time to decide which one you want for Christmas.

2.Next reason is the Holiday Break. No work, no studies, just pure gaming time for you! But, so we don’t forget to keep our bodies active, God, or whoever it was who invented winter (maybe the old Greeks, they invented quite a lot,) provided us (or at least the most northern countries) with the ultimate winter activity: snow shoveling! An activity to keep the whole body fit and even let you lose some weight after too many rounds around the Christmas table.

3.Of course, a great excuse to stay in is the cold weather outside. What can be better when the winter wind blows over the freezing snow outside your window than to cuddle under some blankets and play your favorite game? And a bonus to this is the great warmth our computer and consoles generate. I can personally tell you that the Xbox adapter produces as much heat as a scaled down nuclear reactor, so why not save some money and turn off the heater? Just keep your house warm by playing games!

And with that, I leave you to go and play my own Christmas games: Dishonored and The Walking Dead Episodes 1-5. They where on sale in Xbox live’s “Countdown to 2013 Daily Deal”. So keep a look out these last days and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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