Crack Ops 2 : Why I Can’t Put It Down

Black Ops 2 Addiction

Black Ops 2 : Why I Can’t Put It Down

I’ve been playing Black Ops 2 since its’ release. And I can’t stop. We have so many amazing games purchased through several awesome sales my husband and I found during the holidays, but I just can’t seem to eject the Black Ops II disc from my PS3. Every time I try and play another game, all I can think about is the three more Bloodthirsty medals I need on my MTAR to get it gold. Then, on to the next assault rifle.

By Dr. Nikki

Black Ops 2 Prestige, Scorestreak & Moshpit

I really feel like this may be the best-made, most engaging installation of the series thus far. The combination of having nothing to lose by prestiging, scorestreak system, and bonus moshpit mode in Black Ops 2 makes  breezing through levels easier and more fun than ever before, in my opinion.

For the last three Call of Duty games, I decided not to prestige…at all. There was too much to lose by prestiging and not enough reward.  In Black Ops 2 you have nothing to lose by Prestiging. Literally. It’s nice. It keeps you coming back for more. It makes you want to keep moving through the ranks, leveling up and unlocking camos. Black Ops 2 gives you a reason to keep coming back.. And I can’t stop.

Kicking The Black Ops 2 Addiction

I’ve tried putting other games in the console. None of them are holding my attention and desire quite the way that Black Ops II is at the current moment. The progression in Black Ops 2 feels natural and rewarding. The challenges are realistic and achievable. It’s easy to progress and attain your goals in Black Ops 2. It feels as if there is a lot more to accomplish than in previous CoD’s. Instead of just blindly getting on, most players have direction. Most people in-game have a Black Ops 2 achievement they are going after, or something in particular they are trying accomplish. In my opinion, this is making for better opponents and multi-player gameplay. Your Black Ops 2 foe is now using strategy and working toward something, rather than just blindly causing mayhem.

Black Ops 2 Fiend

It’s…like crack. When I’m not playing it, I want to be playing it. When I am playing it, I’m thinking of ways to make my time with it better and more rewarding. Wait…is that what people who use crack do? I’m not quite sure, but anyway…I try and play other games, but for the moment, I am stuck with Crack Ops II. And I’m okay with that. I know one day soon my attention span for it may wane, but until then, I’ll be working my way up the leaderboards. I’m hooked on Black Ops 2.

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  • SteveO GameO

    Dude I have the same problem with crack, i know it might be bad at times but i still can not put it down LoL!
    totally kidding but so many truths to this article.

  • Austin

    why can’t i put the game down is because it is fun to kill the people that u play with and because i am fat and the game is fun that is why i can’t put crack ops 2 down

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