Quickstart Guide to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry Medieval Warfare

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was released a few months ago but after a recent sale on Steam the game has become inundated with a horrible plague: New players who have no clue what the hell they are doing. People have complained about Noobs before, but as someone who had a pretty consistent 1.0 Kill/Death Ratio, It’s safe to say my jump to a 3.5 KDR was no accident. So whether you were aware the game has friendly fire enabled by default or not, take a look at this guide before your next foray into the brutal melee that is Chivalry.

By Enemy Crab

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Players start by picking one of four varied classes, all of which offer unique options as far as gameplay is concerned. Archers focus on ranged combat using a slow-to-reload but deadly crossbows, slapping arrows into a fast firing bow, or hucking javelins into crowds of enemies. The speedy Man-at-Arms darts around the battlefield wielding a one handed mace, axe or sword, while utilizing his dodge ability to compensate for his lack of armor. The Vanguard offers average speed and armor while wielding a spear, longsword, or the greatly feared spear-axe hybrid that is the halberd. Lastly, heavily armored, slow moving Knights seek to crush skulls with warhammers, or simply chop off heads with a broadsword or battleaxe.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Gampeplay

After we consider the different classes and their play styles, it’s important to have a brief lesson in melee combat. A standard click offers a horizontal swing with a wide arc and medium range. Scrolling the mouse wheel forward once will have the user lunging forward with a stab attack, which has a small point of focus but incredible reach. Scrolling down will deliver an overhand slash that comes swinging downward onto the unsuspecting heads of your opponents. Only practice will help you learn when to use which attack type, with one exception: Try to use stab attacks while ganging up on enemies to avoid lopping your friends arm off when he goes in for the kill.

chivalry: medieval warfare

 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Classes

The next factor new players should consider is the special abilities of each character. To use the Archers range to your advantage, find yourself a high place, or an area with a narrow access point to make targeting enemies easier. To combat an archer focus on constantly darting side to side during your approach.

When playing the Vanguard be sure to utilize your sprint attack as it will launch you forward into an Archer-destroying lunge that is difficult to block. When defending against vanguards be sure to wait for their sprint attack and side step away or parry their blow with good timing.

The Man-at-Arms dodge maneuver (performed by double-tapping any movement key) is excellent for both avoiding slow attacks and getting in close to hack away on lesser foes. When combatting the man at arms try to predict their dodges and aim your attacks appropriately.

The Knight does not have any special abilities aside from his incredibly tough armor. When playing as one, get in as close as possible and smash attacks until your enemies are as broken as your mouse. To fight back against the Knight try to keep your distance while counting how many times you’ve hit him, it will take at least three solid blows to take him down.

There is a great deal more depth to the combat of Chivalry, and depending on your weapon selection your strategy will vary wildly. However with this information in hand you’ll be one heck of a lot more battle ready, even if you don’t understand what it is to feint an attack yet. Godspeed Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Warrior, or CMWW.

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