Top 5 Black Ops 2 Weapons, Classes, & Loadouts

black ops 2 weapons

I’m really liking the Black Ops 2 weapons and choices, and thought I’d put together a list of my favorite loadouts to use. After playing the game for about 40 hours at this point (prestige 3, level 36), I feel like I have used them enough to make a solid review and recommendations for the ones I like best. Depending on your play style and how long you have been playing, you probably already have a few staple classes and Black Ops 2 weapons of your own. Here’s what I use, and why I use them.

Black Ops 2 Weapons

by Dr. Nikki

Black Ops 2 Weapons #1

For my first class, I have an FAL with FMJ and select fire. I find that in this game, FMJ gives you the upper hand you desperately need to get the opponent before they get you. If you have FMJ equipped and your foe does not, even if they target you first, you still have a chance to make it out alive as long as you can get them with a few good shots. I like the FAL because it only takes 1-3 direct hits to take them down. The select fire attachment  gives you the opportunity to make the gun fire on full-auto, which decreases your accuracy a tad, but gives you the repetitive fire you need to knock the enemy down for good.

Black Ops 2 Weapons #2

Second class is my gold MP7 with suppressor and FMJ. Gotta have the FMJ. This class is more of a ‘run-and’gun’ class, good for when you just can’t sit still and feel the need to move with the quickness through a map. Again, the FMJ gives you the upper hand of needing less bullets to take your opponent down.

Black Ops 2 Weapons #3

Third, my friends and I call it the “Elephant Gun.” J Gold MK-48 with—you guessed it—FMJ and reflex sight. I like this gun A LOT for long-range, sit-back-and-pick-them-off matches. Works well from a distance, has decent accuracy, does severe  damage, and with the power the gun offers, it’s a great bang for your buck.

Black Ops 2 Weapons #4

Next—the shotgun class. S12 with long barrel and fast mag. When I first unlocked and equipped the long barrel attachment, I noticed immediately the difference in range you can achieve with it. Definitely a valuable attachment for this shotgun. This is also another ‘run-and-gun” class, good for close-quarters, high-action matches like Hardpoint or Domination on Hijacked.

Black Ops 2 Weapons #5

Last but not least, one of my favorite guns the game offers is the M27. Light and easy to carry and maneuver, but packs a serious punch with FMJ and fast mag equipped. Some of my friends don’t like this gun, and feel it’s a little…crappy, for lack of a better term. I personally really enjoy using this loadout, probably more than any of my other classes just because of its versatility. I feel it’s incredibly accurate at long-range as well, which makes it my go-to class for ANY map or mode.

I guess you could say I’m kind of an “assault rifle chick.” Growing up, my Dad was more or less a gunsmith, and he really, really liked assault rifles. I guess this carried over into my gaming preferences. I tend to lean more toward the assault rifles in any FPS I play. In my opinion and for my style of play, they suit me best. People with different playing styles may disagree, but you should never underestimate an opponent with an a assault rifle, a prime choice of all Black Ops 2 Weapons.

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  • Nooby

    Actually buddy. FMJ only lets you take less shots through walls. It isn’t like MW2. Only increases penetration. You’ve been a victim of the placebo effect.

  • john

    you do realise fmj doesn’t increase damage

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