Google Predicts Xbox 720 Will Crush PS4

Google Predicts Xbox 720 Will Crush PS4

By Ludos

They say knowledge is power, and when it comes to knowledge, Google has no rival in the private sector except for maybe Facebook. Google knows more about all of us than we can possibly imagine. Imagine warehouses full of servers, replete with databases storing every keystroke you make, phone call you make, and place you might go. Only the NSA (National Security Agency) has the capability to gather more information. But the NSA doesn’t care about you or I. At least not what we do. They have a different mandate. Google’s mandate, however, is different and it would probably shock you to hear that it’s not just money.

Google’s algorithms are so complex, far reaching, and ever evolving that they have the capability to collapse our entire collective consciousness into one simple set of ideas.

It knows what we want, and what we will want. Ever notice when you start keying in for a Google search, the “Google Predict” feature kicks in.

But Google is not as secretive as Facebook or say, the NSA. In fact, Google is so consumer friendly that it provides you with all the tools it can conjure up to help you.

Google organized the internet…. let me say that again… GOOGLE…ORGANIZED THE INTERNET. But enough about Google and their information gathering prowess. Let’s discuss how they’re predicting the winner of the Next Gen Console War.

Statistically, in the U.S. the aptly named new Xbox, the Xbox  720, is searched for considerably more than the PS4.

PS4 vs Xbox 720

In the last 11 months, searches for information on the new Xbox has overwhelmed searches for PS4 or Playstation 4. Looking closely at how both future consoles stand in the eyes of the world, now remember, (The PS4 is essentially Japanese, Asian, while the Xbox is American), the anticipated American muscle machine crunches the import

xbox 720 ps4

If we narrow our search to the U.S. population, the gap widens even more.

xbox 720 ps4

I know what you’re thinking. We did some additional research into Google’s track record and found that consistently, Google Trends accurately predicted the winner of competing devices. Our most notable find was Google’s prediction that Blu-Ray Movies would win and beat HD-Movies. That graph depicted below shows how the Xbox 720 (In Red) is separating itself more and more as time goes on. We suggest you take a look at Google Trends and compare Xbox 720 and PS4, and select the “Forecast” feature. The results, if you don’t believe us by now, will shock you.

xbox 720 ps4

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  • Fodder

    Isn’t this all because rumors of the Xbox 720 circulated earlier than PS4, and we keep getting magazines and blog “journalists” trying to grab traffic from the Xbox 360 audience.

    If MS released more games, then their gamers wouldn’t be desperate for something new. MS is making things appear in such a way that gamers “think” they are not releasing games on the 360 due to Xbox 720 development.

    You know, there’s another console that has upcoming games, thereby reducing the wishful thinking of that other console’s userbase.


    The chosen word ‘CRUSH’ is sounded great to piss off the fanboys of lame ps4, so keep it up!

  • John

    Nobody but the dumb Sony and PlayStation fanboys are suprised by this fact. The brand has severely deteriorated over the past console generation and the Vita is a dead platform from the get go. Sony will not survive as a whole because of this as they are too dependent on PS and the rest of the corporation has become a joke. Even in Japan they have become a ghost among consumers.

  • John

    What a load of absolute bollocks!

  • Kamille

    But Gaming Bolt say that according to Google PS4 was the 6th most searched electronic of 2012 while the X720 didn’t even make Top 10 so… What is going on? Is someone lying?


  • Your Dads Mom

    America has great pride in XboX, Apple, Valve and Google brands, it’s super power machines….not like gimped machines made in somewhere else.

    Deal with it, father fvkass!!..

  • Anony

    The biggest crap I’ve ever read so far. It seems the entire thing is based on google’s speculation. The reason for such popularity might have arisen out of the urge for the nextBox among PS360 gamers who would continuously look out for rumours that surface. And classifying that into a translating victory of console’s success is preposterous.

  • tommy

    I like new original games and I hate to many shooters. so I am buying ps4 for sure.

  • Chris

    You could at least title this properly. It isn’t Google doing the predicting. You are doing the predicting based on secondary data by Google (massive difference). Google doesn’t predict anything. I feel I reall don’t have to point this out to websites but clearly I do. I could go on into the factors affecting these results (again something else you should do when doing a study to figure out the significance of the results) but for now the complaint on the title will do

  • So....

    We’re witnessing history here. It looks like Thebes and the first John are some of the last retards left, who still take sides when it comes to consoles.

  • bronson

    good article even though this is only a prediction and even if it does happen cruched by the competitor or not im standing by the ps4 til the end!!!!! both consoles will be great anyways!!!

  • Dave

    that’s funny it was also released today that the top 10 searched products under Consumer Electronics for 2012 indicated that Playstation was #6 on the list…. no Xbox? Although MS had their new Surface tablet on there. how else would you like to skew the search numbers to start more fan boy wars ;-)

  • Rendermonk

    Ok, so it goes like this….in America, the Xbox720 will have the majority of the sales, the majority of the time. While the rest of the worlds sales will belong to the PS4 the majority of the time, much as it is for this current gen. Now it’s clear that the chart from Google tracks searches on the systems and the “Chatter” or “activity” online about the systems. By reviewing the chart, it appears very clear that the consensus is that both consoles are as talked about as the other. Each system was more highly sought after through internet searches for a year each. The only big difference is the peak at the end of the chart, where clearly the rumors have been flying high about the Xbox720, way more so than the PS4. As such, this chart isn’t predicting anything. It’s showing the rumor trend and chatter trend about said consoles, that’s it. And as of late, the 720 has had more internet rumors/leaks than the PS4, that’s all the graph represents.

  • Idiocy...

    The only thing these “results” actually prove is the fact that the Xbox 360 is DEAD while the PS3 is still going strong. Of course Xbox-fans are in desperate need of a better, newer console while the PS3-owners couldn’t ask for more yet. This explains why the possible next Xbox seems to be more popular than the next Playstation. Google cannot predict the future, it can (at best) interprete the data is can find.

  • Ludos

    Except for what Google is forecasting in terms of searches.

    If one reviews Google’s Forecast Option on Google Trends, a function used by astute web properties to anticipate content demands, one can see that searches for PS4 plateaus. No growth.

    As mentioned in the article. An analysis of Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends for previous competing electronic devices showed an unmistakeable correlation between what Google “said” and what ultimately happened.

    To properly make use of these and establish what can be used as Google’s prediction capability bonafides, one must properly know how to enter the data, dates, keywords etc. Otherwise the results may not be correct. Like with any computer or in this cases algorithm, “Garbage In, Garbage Out”.

    If you know how to properly make use of the these comprehensive mathematical tools, then one, with tentative certainty can make mild predictions about relatively insignificant topics.

    There is no suggestion of Google predicting the apocalypse in Dec 21,2012. Only a firm prediction that Microsoft’s next gen console will, with likely devastating fashion, out-sell Sony’s dream machine.

  • The Last of U

    BAHAHA… PS4 is now copying the ‘easy to make games’ strategy that makes XBOX360 the most successful console for games development.

    Sony takes the lesson and now choosing AMD for the PS4′s GPU. Say goodbye to Cell. It was hyping, and now it is copying.

    Shame to $ony for falling to a “junk” status in financial status.

  • Dhruv Siwach

    LOL @ Google …. as far i know next PS wont be named PS4 will be PlayStation Orbis or PlayStation Omni and i can bet on that , the reason i believe it Japanese don’t like the number 4 because of their pronunciation. Four is pronounced “shi” which is the same pronunciation as death.

  • Ludos

    As far as this report is concerned, it does not matter what name it will actually have because it is known right now as PS4…

    Nice insight on the naming, though! ichi, Ni, San, Shi, Go,


    I just lost all respect for google, what a load of shite… Undoubtably microsoft is a larger company compared to Sony and it seems they are favoured being American and all.. Ps3 console design pissed all over 360 & I’d be very surprised if ps4 didn’t follow suit….

  • Roy

    Microsoft will win next gen. Definitely. The Vita already proves that the Playstation brand is dying fast and parent company Sony isn’t faring any better. Sony don’t stand a chance and will die with the failure of the next PS.

  • LL

    @ Roy

    So you’re basing the popularity of the Playstation brand on it’s handhelds? By your logic the PS3 should have been doomed because how the PSP sold, that didn’t happen. You’re a joke.

  • Jack

    This says nothing…. Popularity doesn’t mean that a console will win. It could be higher because xbox has more rumors or more people making articles about it but that doesn’t mean shit for when it actually comes out or will it have impact on sales. If this was to be believed you would have all these people buying the xbox 720 that could be a xbox 360 reskin. until we know what the xbox 720 is or what it has in it along with price ect COMPARED to the ps4 we cant make assumptions based off how many times someone put in xbox 720. Take a look at it from this perspective Person “A” loves PS but enjoys the rumors of MS/xbox so he searches double the amount of xbox articles because he enjoys reading them not because he wants the console. Its simply not true to say xbox will win because people searched it more. Hell you could make a hack that continues back to back searches for something to Fuck with the results even. Not a fail article just bad facts.

  • DarthDiggler

    You know you took a little time to do a little research which is commendable, but why did it have to be such Fanboy bullshit?

    I mean if you are going to spend time creating graphs and doing research why not make it something everyone can get behind?

  • Rick

    Everybody knows Sony’s going to bite the dust soon…and so will PlayStation.

  • Godface


    Really, the fact that more people are searching Xbox 720 over PS4 means the 360 is dead?

    Funny that, because since 2005, 90% of multiplatform titles have sold better on 360 than PS3, and that’s true this holiday too, AC3, Far Cry 3, Call of Duty, MoH and every other game EXCEPT FIFA has sold more on the 360. Software sales call bullshit on your claim.
    Plus, the XBLA sales have far more multimillion sellers than PSN, and your average Xbox user spends more monthly than your average PSN user.

    Spending trends show Xbox is far from dead, and Halo 4 sold 6 million in a month, once again disproving that statement. Sony are dead last in hardware and software and have suffered the biggest losses this gen, anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.

  • Godface


    ”We did some additional research into Google’s track record and found that consistently, Google Trends accurately predicted the winner of competing devices”.

    History is on their side, not yours. Plus according to these charts, the 720 has eclipsed the PS4 in search results.

    Again, this same article has been put on many sites with these statistics. Why would Google lie?

    People who doubt the stats are just insecure. Google are far more trustworthy than anyone on this site, and I’d invest into their views more than anyone elses.

  • Mary

    1) Xbox720 rumors and leaks started earlier;

    2) PS3 consumers are satisfied with the 1st party support. 2013 will be a strong 1st party year for PS3 owners. No really need a PS4 right now.

    3) X360 1st party support is weaker and weaker and X360 consumers have reasons to start searching for its successor. Some of them will probably buy a PS3 this 2013 :P

  • Nick

    After the disappointment i had with the PS3 and the Vita, I will never buy another Sony console again..

  • bronson

    well some people have good and bad points to this article and even irrelevant ones…. just saying none of us are sure which console will out sale for all we know both consoles can come out the gaterunning bad like the 360′s red rings and ps3′s disc reading errors etc……WHEN BOTH CONSOLES ARE OUT YOU WONT REMEBER THIS SHIT!!

  • Jack

    @God Google didn’t lie but saying that their statistics make it true is bull shit. ” Plus according to these charts, the 720 has eclipsed the PS4 in search results.” did you even read my comment? The point i made was that the charts don’t make a difference because searches don’t buy a console people going to a store or going to a website and buying the console does. Statistics/charts don’t talk money does. If PS4 was 100$ for the same thing as the xbox 720 what would people buy?

    “”We did some additional research into Google’s track record and found that consistently, Google Trends accurately predicted the winner of competing devices”.” What ones exactly? show the evidence if you are gonna make a article with charts throw them all in not just a select few. Blu-ray? that’s like throwing a million on the black chip instead of the white. they had a 50% shot it proves nothing.

    “People who doubt the stats are just insecure. Google are far more trustworthy than anyone on this site, and I’d invest into their views more than anyone elses.” You sound like a fanboy not only of xbox but of google. And Once again I do not doubt or say that tehir statistics are wrong… I simply am saying that statistics don’t mean a thing when it comes down to sales. They can give a general idea but once again if someone type’s xbox 720 in 500 times just for the heck of it then the statistics just got all messed up and are no longer accurate. Show me where they may cut those repeats out and maybe ill even give a half a second thought in reading into more of the subject. But until then the article sounds just like a fanboy tooting his little horn. PC>all anyways if you want the cold hard truth about it. Sales>facts>general ideas>statistics. ((99% chance says im killed by a asteroid from a alien ship a trillion light years away.))

  • Vadim

    Lol. Also check string “playstation 4″ not only “ps4″

  • Paradox

    I don’t care about what console is the most searched-for on Google. I care about which console is superior, from performance, to exclusives, to bang for the buck. My money will most likely continue to ride with Sony, just like it did this generation.

  • Rob

    The fact is the 360 sales grew over the Xbox 1 sales in all of the world.. They grew slowly outside the USA – BUT they did grow. Xbox 3 will also see sales outside the USA increase – even if slowly – over what the 360 did..

    So in short.. the Xbox 3 will likely beat out the PS4 by even more then what you see in todays gen.. The FACT IS the PS4 will never overtake anything without AMERICA.. Sony NEEDS the USA sales because PS4 sales won’t grow much ( if at all they may shrink some ) in the rest of the world.. and even if they stay the same.. that’s not where Sony wants to be – TIED FOR LAST PLACE AT BEST..

    ALOT OF kids are getting Wii U’s for Christmas and now that that do 1080p and have COD.. you cant’ laugh at them anymore..

  • Rob

    Id also like to add now that Sony is making the PS4 more like an Xbox ( yes more like a PC style architecture – NO CELL CPU anymore ) Sony is basically admitting that Cell was too hard to program for.. that’s why most DEVS didn’t give a crap if the games looked the same on both consoles.. it took too much time and money to program for CELL.. Now Sony is going to kiss up to the DEVS and do what MS has already been doing.. – MAKE A CONSOLE EASIER TO MAKE GAMES ON..

  • jayvin8ter

    Arguing the semantics about the future of each console is intriguing but the fact that the 360 could even compete with the PS3 after the death of HDDVD and its inability to play bluray movies speaks volumes to me…..the PS3 was more versatile being able to act as a bluray player and as a game console with free online gaming, but the 360 could still keep pace even lacking significant features right out of the gate. I don’t see Microsoft making that kind of error in their next console and that alone should give the “720″ a superior showing if I had to guess.

    That being said, I have been a PS3 owner since the day it was released in the US and the same machine has worked fine for me ever since. I have always wanted a 360 but was satisfied with my COD’s and my AC’s never getting the Halo itch…but now owning a 360….I actually have enjoyed playing it more than I ever did my PS3. Hell the quality and feel of the controller alone makes me like the 360 more than the PS3 lol….

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