Black Ops 2 :The New ‘Pick Ten’ System & Choosing The Perfect Perks

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I’ve been playing Black Ops 2 since its’ release, and have to say I am actually really enjoying the game thus far, aside from some still-lingering connectivity issues. I find several aspects of the game to be quite refreshing in contrast to the previous way of doing things in-game, such as the new scorestreak rewards as opposed to killstreak rewards. I feel like the scorestreak really pushes people to be team players. It encourages you to use strategy and teamwork, get assists, and use your equipment to earn points for your team, which will in turn be points toward your scorestreak.

by Dr. Nikki

Pick Ten in Black Ops 2

The new “Pick Ten” system is also great for people who want to have freedom of choice in their classes. You are allowed to have up to six perks, three primary weapon attachments, extra lethals, or whatever combination of perks and equipment you like. If you’re not a huge fan of perks, you don’t have to have them. In the place of those perks, you can equip an extra grenade, claymore, or bouncing betty. If you’re someone who doesn’t like attachments on your weapon, that frees up some space for you to take some extras—an extra first, second, or third perk, extra tactical grenade, etc. I feel this opens up a world of possibilities and combinations of weapons, perks, and attachments to use.

Dr. Nikki’s Personal Black Ops 2 Perk Choices

I’ve been getting some questions in my community as to which perks I use, or which perks I think are most beneficial, so I figured I’d put together a list of perks I use, and why I use them.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the flak jacket perk, however, while playing with it equipped in Black Ops II, I find that it is ridiculously hard to kill me with explosives when I am using it. It is a very valuable perk when playing on smaller, explosive-laden maps like Nuketown 2025.

Hardline is probably my favorite perk in slot one. It allows you to get your scorestreaks earlier, and I can appreciate that. I have six create a class slots, and hardline is on four of them. It makes the hunter killer drones come a little faster, and helps you get and maintain your momentum to get to your next scorestreak.

I find that in Black Ops II, the second perk slot leaves a little to be desired. In my opinion, there are only two perks even worth equipping—toughness, which is less flinch when shot, or cold-blooded, which is no red name and crosshair when targeted. They are really the only two perks in the second slot worth adding, the rest I feel are just a waste of a valuable spot in your loadout. Same goes for slot three. There are only two worthwhile choices—dexterity, which is aim faster after sprinting, and engineer—see enemy equipment glowing red.

Perfect Black Ops 2 Perks Combo

I really enjoy playing with my combination of perks on any weapon class I create. Having the pick ten system really allows me to customize my loadout to exactly what I want. In my personal case, I hardly ever use a secondary weapon. I am able to remove secondary, and add a second perk 1. I usually add Blind Eye as my second perk 1. With a combination of Blind Eye, Hardline, Toughness, and Dexterity, the other Black Ops 2 team is going to get a run for their money, for sure. 

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