The Evolution Of Gaming

The Evolution Of Gaming

Before you start to panic at the thought that this might be a lengthy dissertation on the history of video games and its social and cultural impact on society, take a breath and relax. This is merely, dare I say, some  insightful observations we’ve made and ones that you will likely have a welcome opinion on. We know Gaming today primarily as Console or PC based and strictly as Video games. We proudly call ourselves Gamers and carry that moniker in our everyday lives. We didn’t always get the respect we deserved. For a long time it was considered a waste of time. But today we, Gamers, “Rule”, “pwn”.

Entire Industries and companies have bowed down to our will and made it their daily priority to serve us. The collective power we wield today is unparalleled and rivals that of any other consumer group. The industry we created now rivals the Movie industry. The definition of Video Games and Gaming, however, has also evolved. No longer are we constrained or tied to our consoles, and PC’s using CD’s. Today we have mobile games, Facebook games, and my personal favorite, browser games. We can play on the go anywhere, anytime.

Over the next 7 years we can expect to see a growth in both products and demographics. Even companies remotely related to the Gaming industry will seek out new ways to provide us with our unquenchable thirst for value added, interactive, and social games. There is no mistake. We dictate the direction of the industry, and we do so with our immense worldwide collective buying power. Those that provide what we seek will be richly rewarded. Those that fall short of our expectations looking to make a quick buck, will quickly fall by the wayside. They have been warned. Now then, if you’re still hungry for a more lengthy account of Video Games and its history here you go. Everything you wanted to know about video games.

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