Call of Duty – Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Guide

Call of Duty – Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Guide


Well, another year and another installment of the juggernaut xbox 360 fps (available on PS3 as well) we’ve all come to love and adore ( Black Ops 2 )! This time around the format of the game has been changed, as it takes the players to the not so distant future and introduces a truly diabolical antagonist. The game plot has enough twists and turns and is at the same time so immersive and thrilling that players would feel they are partaking in some Hollywood action blockbuster. Call of duty black ops 2 release date was November 13, 2012 and since then it has created a world record of most sales for a video game, in the first 15 days. It’s my humble opinion that this installment will once for all settle the argument, which is the best: modern warfare 2 or black ops, and will cement the reputation of black ops as one of the best fps games for Xbox 360. 

By Suhail

Black Ops 2 Zombie Guide

In this guide, I would try to make the players acquainted with my favorite black ops 2 Zombie 2 player mode and weapons and equipment. So, without further delay, let’s delve into it!

Black Ops 2 Map packs & Game Modes

Black Ops 2 Zombie Modes

It seems like there’s a growing morbid fascination with zombies prevailing nowadays. From mainstream media churning out programs like the “Walking Dead”, zombies are poised to take over! This zombie madness seems to have afflicted (for better or worse) the developers at Treyarch, who have included a cooperative-should- be played with friends Zombies mode. Zombie mode maps vastly differ from what a player can expect to find in black ops 2 map pack, which makes it unpredictable also.

In Call of Duty Black Ops 2, the zombie mode is comprised of four modes which are:

  • Custom Zombies
  • Grief
  • Survival
  • Tranzit

Players would be awarded with power ups and other nifty accessories to take on the undead horde. But the first order of business should be getting to know thy enemy! Players would be forgiven for thinking that they’d be facing the generic slow moving, rotting and dim witted carcasses in black ops zombies 2 player. Instead what Treyarch has in store for us contains an assortment of denizens from hell which makes this mode much more thrilling!

Black Ops 2 Zombies

These are your basic “walking dead”. They were once human who died and came back with an insatiable appetite for flesh of the living. On their own, a single zombie doesn’t pose much of a threat but when found in packs they can quickly swarm and devour. Each round will have a specific numbers of zombies and killed zombies don’t respawn. Zombies swipe their rotted hands at the player and can take them out in two hits.

Black Ops 2 Hellhounds

As evident from the name, these are no ordinary dogs. They are a lot bigger in size and ablaze, keeping true to their name. Hellhounds pack less damage than the zombies (three hits to take out a player) but their ability to teleport into the map makes them more of a hassle. These denizens of the underworld attack in packs and when the last member of the pack is sent packing, it will drop maximum ammo.

Black Ops 2 Denizens

Denizens are more annoyance than actual terror in my humble opinion. They are specific to green run maps and can be found in areas with mist. Their modus operandi is jumping on a black ops 2 player and attempting to scratch the eyes out, but they can be easily knifed off.

Black Ops 2 Him

Him is so far the toughest opponent black ops 2 players will face. Him maintains his otherworldly presence in the maps green run and tranzit. This zombie boss usually makes a dramatic appearance after the players turn on the power, which triggers a storm and him walks out from the eye of the storm.

call of duty black ops 2

Black Ops 2 Weapons

Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Arsenal 

Simply hacking at zombies with a melee weapon? Of course not! This is cod black ops 2 we are talking about. What fun would it be if the players don’t have at their disposal some awesome firepower to blow the undead to kingdom come? The arsenal in zombie mode is an amalgamation of black ops II and original black ops.

Black Ops 2 Purchasing weapons

Weapon’s purchase has been given a new and innovative twist. Players need to spend accumulated points to purchase them but what I am referring to is the actual purchasing method. Weapons outline appear on walls and players have to stand next to them to make a purchase. Weapon’s purchase automatically cuts the ammo purchase price into half for the same weapon.

Another way to purchase weapons (this one doesn’t take into consideration players preferences though) is through mystery box. As the name suggests, players won’t know what they’d be getting and it costs a whopping 950 points. Some of the weapons are specific to mystery box and can’t be found outlined on the walls.

Black Ops 2 Weapon upgrades

The undead opponents in zombie modes also become tough as black ops 2 players progress further into the game and upgrade their weaponry. Without upgrading weaponry, even the opponents considered weaker will make minced meat out of the players. Upgraded weapons are known as pack-a-punched weapons and need special machines to install the upgrades, which are called pack-a-punch machines. The upgrades include specialized ammo like incendiary, new attachments like grenade launcher and different sound. There’s a downside to upgrading, as it takes a toll on the points earned when a zombie is killed.

Weapons purchased through mystery box can’t have ammo replenished through the wall. The call of duty modern warfare 2 players must kill a hellhound or some other creature which drops maximum ammo upon its demise.

I am not going to get into the details of each weapon and their names, as I am assuming that the players indulging in zombie mode have already used enough playing the black ops 2 player campaign. Instead, I am going to jump to power ups, perk-a-colas explanation of cod black ops 2.

Black Ops 2 PowerUps

Black Ops 2 Powerups

Powerups are zombie mode’s mechanism for rewarding the players for killing a zombie or a hellhound and appear randomly. Powerups are golden in color and have a green hue around them. Simply making contact with these powerups will activate them for the entire team.

Powerups are common to every zombie map unless the option of “Magic” is turned off. Mentioned below is the list of powerups common to all maps.

Black Ops 2 Double points

When this powerup is availed, it doubles the amount of points scored on each kill. But, this will be time limited and will last for 30 seconds only. So, aim for the head, use special ammo or simply blast the zombies to bits to get a massive boost to your points.

Black Ops 2 Insta Kill

This powerup comes really handy when facing a tough opponent as it endows the weapon or melee weapon the power to kill anything with a single bullet or blow.

Protip: Conserve ammo and horde on the points by availing insta kill which will last for 30 seconds and melee every zombie and creature in sight.

Black Ops 2 Max Ammo

This powerup endows maximum ammo for all the team for their currently equipped weapon. Even the players, who have been struck by the enemy, get the max ammo for their currently equipped weapon. This also is a boon for the weapons brought off the mystery box, as it’s the only way to replenish them.

black ops 2 pack a punch

Black Ops 2 Perk-a-Colas

Think of perk-a-colas as elixirs that you’d probably find in RPG games, which when consumed, endow the players with some awesome perk. These perk-a-colas can only be purchased from a vending machine, which can be location specific and random. Being a vending machine in the true sense of the word, these vending machines can only dispense the colas once the power has been turned on. The black ops perk once drank remains active until the player is taken out. A player can purchase four perks at a single purchase.

Black Ops 2 Deadshot daiquiri

Cost of purchase = 1500 points

As evident from the name, this perk affects the aiming mechanism of a player’s weapon. If playing with auto aiming turned on, the perk will make the weapon automatically target the enemy’s head instead of any other body part. It also eliminates sway when using sniper rifles, and last but certainly not least, it will make the cross hairs of weapons smaller akin to laser sights.

Black Ops 2 Double Tap Root Beer

Cost of purchase = 2000 points

This perk increases the rate of weapon’s fire. It is excellent for automatic weapons, as it increases their fire rate substantially. As for bolt action weapons, the time to reload and fire the weapon is shortened, but it is absolutely useless if you and your team mates are wielding semi automatic weaponry.

Black Ops 2 Jugger Nog

Cost of purchase = 2500 points

This is one of my favorite perks! It basically augments the player’s ability to withstand the punishment being doled out by the enemies. Normally, it takes 2 swipes of a zombie’s rotten hands to knock down a black ops 2 player, but Jugger nog increases that number to 6 which can mean the difference between being zombie chow or making it out of there alive.

Black Ops 2 Mule kick

Cost of purchase = 4000 points

Availing this perk would allow the players to carry a third weapon in addition to their main and secondary weapon. There’s a slight condition that the third weapon must have been purchased from the wall or mystery box. Mule kick is lost when the player is downed and the third weapon also disappears.

Black Ops 2 PhD Flopper

Cost of purchase = 2000 points

This is a three pronged perk which makes the call of duty black ops 2 players immune to damage from explosives or falling from heights. It also endows the players with the ability to cause a small explosion if they jump from a considerable height.

Black Ops 2 Quick Revive

Cost of purchase = 500 points (solo play)

                                 1500 points (at least one other player)

With varying purchase price, this perk also has a different effect during solo play and multiplayer. During solo play, it acts as a revival elixir and can be used up to three times. When being revived during solo play, this perk also endows the players with an M1911.

It has less effect in multiplayer, as it only escalates the revival time of a fallen comrade.

Black Ops 2 Speed Cola 

Cost of purchase = 3000 points

This perk shares a trait in common with double tap root beer, as it allows the reloading of weapons to be done faster. The only difference is that it is also applicable for semi automatic weapons.

Black Ops 2 Stamin up

Cost of purchase = 2000 points

Upgrades stamina and lets a call of duty black ops 2 player run for longer distances without getting winded.

Black Ops 2 Tombstone Soda

Cost of purchase = 2000 points

This perk is only available if two or more call of duty black ops players are playing the zombie mode. This perk acts as a retaining module and resembles a powerup in appearance. It retains a player’s weapons, perks, melee weapons in form of a tombstone at the point where the player is downed. Simply touch the tombstone on the respawn to claim all your previously accumulated accessories.

That wraps up the coverage of perk colas! Now on to the next section, which briefly explains the strikeforce missions of the main campaign:

Black Ops 2 Strike Force Missions

Strike force missions in call of duty black ops part 2 are closely tied in with the main campaign and have an effect on how the plot proceeds. Strike force missions entail an RTS styled stages, where a player no longer controls a sole character but is given the charge to lead a team of soldiers and combat units, usually, to defend a strategic location, escort an asset or to take down an enemy. There are five strike force missions in the black ops 2 game:

1.      Ship Wreck

2.      FOB Specter

3.      IED

4.      Second Chance

5.      Dispatch

black ops 2 strike force ludos mundi


Black Ops 2 Ship Wreck

This mission takes place on a ship, carrying some equipment which can be detrimental to the cause of good guys. The objective of this mission is to take control of three strategic points, so guide bomb can be dropped on the ship. This is an infiltration style mission.

Black Ops 2 FOB Spectre

A defensive mission that puts the black ops 2 players in charge of a team of soldiers and combat equipment like turrets and claw units. The objective is to defend three crucial points at a comstat station.

Black Ops 2 IED

This is an escort mission which will have the players see through a convoy of hum-vees through hostile territory. The enemies would mostly consist of infantry and some air support, which the players would be more than equipped to deal with. There are drones, kinetic projectile weapon and ASDs at disposal, to combat effectively.

Black Ops 2 Second Chance 

This mission becomes available if the call of duty black ops player didn’t successfully complete the mission named Karma. This is the only strike force mission which requires to be played, as it ties in closely with the main campaign plot in Black Ops 2.

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