Madden NFL 13’s Coolest New Features

 A Look At Some Of The Changes In This Years Madden NFL 13

Despite being from the UK since the days of my good ol Sega Mega Drive I have had a love for the Madden NFL series. The more modern Madden games offer such a fantastic simulation approach to the sport that it can seem a little overwhelming to new comers. But I actually think that Madden NFL 13 does a great job in introducing you to the way of the NFL. With that being said, like all sports games it get harder and harder to introduce a ton of new features each year, but Madden NFL 13 does have some really cool ones and these are a few of my favourites.

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Madden NFL 13 & The Infinity Engine

The biggest thing is the Infinity Engine in Madden NFL 13. Every single player’s weight, height, centre of gravity and so on is taken into account when there is any kind of movement. This is to make the action more realistic than ever and I am sure its going to be a feature that is used in the majority of EA Sports games in the future.

Play by play in Madden NFL 12 was widely critisced by many people and for good reason too. Well EA certainly took that on board and have given us some really great play by play commentary this year. While it still can repeat here and there for the most part it’s so much better than what we had last year.

EA has also made some smaller improvements to the passing game in Madden NFL 13. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you just have more control over your quarterback. There are also new animations that let you make split second decisions which really make the game so much more exciting.

Madden NFL 13 Social

madden nfl 13 social

Madden Social is a huge new feature that I feel will be greatly expanded in the next Madden game. In Madden NFL 13 you never have to stop playing when you leave the house as you can keep up with your game on your smart phone and iPad. It’s a really cool feature that I am sure is going to be greatly expanded on next year.

by Jason Bourne

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