Dark Souls 2: An Early Gift For RPG Fans

Dark Souls 2 Announced

Namco Bandai released a trailer for the next Dark Souls gameDark Souls 2, during Spike TV’s Video Game Awards. Finding that trailer is proving as hard as getting through Dark Souls itself. Lawyers are all hot and bothered about keeping that trailer in one place. Nevertheless, the video is being posted all over the place and the boards are lighting up with speculation. A little digging will unearth the trailer, or just keep an eye on EpicNameBro’s YouTube Channel. If anyone is dissecting the trailer, fans know ENB is the man to watch.

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Dark Souls 2: An Early Gift for RPG Fans

Developer FromSoftware is promising a completely new game with new locales and story line. In addition to the trademark punishing gameplay,Dark Souls 2 will have a dedicated server, hopefully fixing the Dark Souls PVP scene for good. The game’s director is promising an expansion of how the player will interact with the world but leaves it, tantalizingly, at that, a promise. Series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki is not directing this time around but will be supervising the project. This fact is making some fans nervous, but FromSoft is still very much in charge of the job. This year there were rumors of an Easy Mode being implemented into the series, an idea that divided the fan base. Supporters cited an increase in numbers that would come from making the experience more accessible to new and casual gamers. Detractors claimed an Easy Mode would take away the series main attraction: the demanding difficulty. There is talk of making the series appeal to more people, but that is as much as FromSoft has said.

Dark Souls 2 Trailer

The title on the trailer for Dark Souls 2 is just that, Dark Souls 2, leading fans to believe this new entry will tie into the world of the first Dark Souls. The locations shown look similar to places in Lordran, specifically Darkroot Garden, Anor Londo and New Londo but as they may have been many years ago. While no one at FromSoft or Namco has specified that the game takes place in Lordran, fans are speculating that the game takes place after the Lords fought the Dragons but before the linking of the fire by Gwyn. The warrior in the clips looks to be wearing armor not seen before in the game, namely furs, as a warrior of a less civilized time would be wearing. He also looks to be sporting dual bastard swords and is shown parrying with a sword while riposting with a spear. Perhaps an enjoyable dual wield is in the works. What few locations are shown look decrepit, with overgrown greenery all about.

Dark Souls 2 Reveals

As is expected of anything from FromSoft, the trailer reveals nothing of the story itself. We see a warrior traveling through a cave and some woods to a mountain top where he meets a young woman, what looks like Anor Londo sits in the distance. The woman hands the warrior a feather and then closes his hand with hers, her gloves covered in scales. Whatever preoccupies the woman is likely found in that tower in the distance. For sure, there is a rather nasty dragon in the way. Similar to Kalameet of the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, this dragon sports a third eye and a murderous flame that hits the warrior point blank. It is going to be a long wait to fight him.

While Dark Souls 2 is confirmed for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, there is speculation that it will come to the new consoles said to be dropping at the end of next year. Perhaps it will come out for current and next gen consoles, much like other games did for PS2 and PS3. Again, that is as much speculation as it is hope. The trailer is very much a CGI movie but judging by the hardware the new consoles seem to be holding, this may indeed be how the game will look. We are hoping. We are speculating. We are saving our monies. As soon as Dark Souls 2 drops, we will be Praisin’ and getting reacquainted with our old pal, Death.

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