FIFA 13 A Look At The Improvements Made To Career Mode

FIFA 13 Improvements

As a long time fan of the Fifa series of video games dating way back to the Mega Drive days and Fifa 13 scores a goal. Fifa 2004 introduced something that we take for granted these days and that is the career/manager mode. I look forward to this each year. Fifa 13 by far is the best career mode in a Fifa game to date and I wanted to share with you a few of the things that I love this year.

by Jason Bourne

fifa 13 career mode

FIFA 13 Career Mode

International management has been a want in career mode for a while now for me and this is something that Fifa 13 has included. You get to manage an international team along side your club. While its not hugely in depth it still offers a nice little change to the day to day running of your club. I get the impression that Fifa 13 is just a taste of what is to come in terms of international management in the Fifa series. You can make major decisions such as dropping a aging player and giving a young player their chance on the international stage. One thing that is a little lame is the lack of the world cup. I have no idea why they do not have the world cup in this game when EA themselves have been making games using the world cup license since 1998. I can only assume that they must have some major plans for the 2014 world cup game.

Another feature in Fifa 13 Career Mode is the way that during the season you can apply for other jobs. For example, I was the manager of Tottenham Hotspur and after 5 seasons I decided I wanted a new challenge. I went to the browse job section to see what clubs are looking for a new manager.

Fifa 13 Player Management Strategy

There is more strategy in this FIFA edition in the way transfers are handled. For example if a player is coming to the end of there contract you can maybe get them on the cheap instead of waiting until the end of the season when they are a free agent. You also need to offer them some kind of idea of where they are fitting into your team. Some players do not care, but some will need assurance they are going to be a first team player. And if you do not play them like you promised they will want a move away from your club. This is great stuff folks! Fifa 13 makes you think a little harder about signing players and how you manage them

These are just a few of the improvements that have been made this year. There is always room for more improvement but FIFA fans are sure to be pleased with the latest changes in Fifa 13.


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