Call of Duty Black Ops 2 – The Juggernaut Rolls On!

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 – The Juggernaut Rolls On!

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The best selling juggernaut of an FPS is back in the form of Black Ops 2! Treyarch has pulled all the stops to make this installment of CoD the most memorable for the legion of diehard fans, as Black Ops 2 includes elements never seen before in the CoD series! The game plot is so meticulously crafted that it resembles an elaborate Hollywood production of epic proportions with twists and turns and betrayals thrown in that would keep gamers guessing till the very end.

Black Ops 2 Game Plot 

Black Ops II has revenge as core ingredient for its plot. There’s a new and ruthless villain named Raul Menendez that knows how to harbor a grudge for several decades and take it out on the entire world by crippling the existent technological infrastructure. Menendez plans to useUSA’s unmanned drones to achieve this dastardly deed and it’s up to the son of Alex Mason named David to put a stop to it. The story of CoD seamlessly merges events that transpire in 80’s between the antagonist and duo of Alex and Frank Woods, and connects it with proceedings in 2025.

Black Ops 2 Gameplay

Black Ops II is a heavily action and consequence based game with ramifications that are definitely going to leave the players jaw dropped! The lives of NPC’s and other characters will hang in the balance and will be totally dependent on the choices made by the player. The best thing is players would never be able to guess the far reaching effects of their decisions and it’s reflected in the multiple endings. Treyarch has given this game the replayability, which will compel players to finish it several times to see the different endings.

CoD puts a massive arsenal of weapons at the players’ disposal and doesn’t dictate the usage of side arm, providing enough perks have been accumulated to negate its need. The guns can be modified immensely, thanks to three attachments, which bestow the ability to conduct warfare in any fashion desired by the gamer.

Verdict for Black Ops 2

 Treyarch deserves kudos for constructing a sequel which is guaranteed to outshine its predecessors by virtue of its tight, immersive and thoroughly engaging storyline. The revamped multiplayer system and the action and consequence based elements are sure to capture the heart of every FPS enthusiast! The bar has really been set high by Black Ops 2, which is going to take some to topple.

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