Black Ops 2: Redefining The FPS Genre

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Black Ops 2: Redefining The FPS Genre

Another November, another Call of Duty, this time Black Ops 2. I know that there are some guys out there who like to piss on the fans’ yearly Call of Duty parade, but for us this a great time each year. And I, hand on heart, believe that this year’s edition of Black Ops is not only the best game in the Call of Duty series to date, but it is also one of the very best first person shooters of this console generation. Does it redefine the first person shooter, as a gentleman from Sweden told me over Xbox Live last night?

Before I wrote this, and I have no idea why I did this, I wrote my article title into Google and I was shocked at the results I saw. I’m not unaware that there are some who hate Call of Duty with a passion, even if the majority of them have never really given the series a chance, but the first page of results was filled with titles like, “Did Black Ops 2 destroy gaming?” and similar alarming titles. I get that some people may not like it, but really to say that one title brought down an industry is ridiculous.

Perhaps that is another way that Black Ops 2 has redefined the first person shooter genre, by somehow getting people to hate on a game that they have not even played. It’s just bitter noobs on an iconoclast trip. How can you honestly review a game you have not played? There are people out there reviewing and giving their opinions on games in which they have invested zero minutes. Call of Duty has spawned a whole generation of game reviewers who do not even need to have played a game to give it a review. If a game is at the top of the pile, despite the bad reviews, is it not logical to think there must be something to it?

CoD Black Ops 2 FPS Genre Contributions

Of its more direct contributions, Call of Duty moved the war games out of the World Wars. It changed the setting completely with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Players were no longer storming Normandy with old rifles and bayonets. We were now controlling AC 130′s and taking headshots with night vision goggles, fighting an endless war in the desert. It brought a more engaging plot, based on events closer to our generation and it put us right in the middle of it. We were not playing through history, we were shaping it by stopping terrorists. Black Ops 2 builds on that innovation and refines it. And you are going to dismiss it without meeting Captain Price or Alex Mason?

It changed the multiplayer, giving fans a chance to play across the world. You could now invite your friends and go on missions together. That first time my friends and I took on online challengers is still in my memory, as well as that of all the fans. Adding perks and extra content insured replayability, as well as more fun. And you are going to review it without completing a single killstreak?

Even if you take away the online aspect, as some have due to the bad apples who try to ruin it for everyone, you still have an awesome single player campaign. Chasing Menendez in Black Ops 2 is an intense adventure. The way Black Ops 2 involves you in the world and its conflicts is like no other game out there. Where in the older entries you were just re-enacting conflicts in the history books, in Black Ops 2 you are living an adventure that is very plausible. You are seeing first hand how your actions affect the world as you chase the enemy through the middle east, fighting for every piece of information.

Black Ops 2 Sales

This year, Black Ops 2 sold 11 million copies in its first week. You don’t do that if you are a one trick pony bent on destroying the gaming industry. If you have not played the games, how can you see the contributions of Call of Duty? Black Ops 2 is the product of all the innovations in previous games. It redefines games with solid mechanics and a memorable story that keep fans hooked. Money talks and 11 million units sold in the first week is not done by a broken game, all hail Black Ops 2.

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  • matt

    cod has been and always will be a pile of broken shit in my opinion, and being the best shooter i laugh at that it not even fuckin realistic, i think i stick to battlefield 3 and medal of honor at that got more realism aspect to it oh yea and you can do online co-p missions on battlefield 3 as well without some bullshit perks

  • Ludos

    When it first started I don’t remember perks. I do remember is the crisp graphics and the realistic sounds coming out of my PC speakers every time I reloaded my gun. It was such great fun, and not a pile of shit. If I remember correctly it was the map Carentan or something like that I was hooked on. Before CoD I was never a big FPS fan. I think the CoD franchise has truly opened the doors for other shooters.

    Anyway, BF3 definitely is more realistic but it still has “perks” in online multiplayer, though not co-op. They just don’t call it “perks”.

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