Test Your IQ With The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes

Test Your IQ With The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Due to a very small amount of release copies for The Testament of Sherlock Holmes I was forced to reschedule my gaming time and replace it with studies. Then after about a month of walking around, tearing a hole in my carpet, naaah just kidding! I am a student, I can’t afford a carpet, but finally I got my copy of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. I don’t know if this was a national or international problem but as a certain game distributer didn’t even have it in its selection you start to wonder. What if it is just a marketing trick to get you go look for it? I mean it’s a detective game after all.

By Jiwe

The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes : The Story

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is a new story in the line of Sherlock Holmes games developed by Frogwares. The game is not related to any of the novels about Sherlock Holmes or any earlier games except for some few references to earlier cases solved by Holmes. In The Testament of Sherlock Holmes we will as usual follow Mr. Holmes in his life as the world’s finest detective. This time Holmes has to endure his work while his name is being blackened by articles accusing him for being the real villain behind the crimes. So it is now up to Holmes and his right hand Dr. Watson to figure out why but also how the journalist knew everything about the cases they solve. But just to give you a feeling for the story, if you like BBCs modern version of Sherlock Holmes you will probably recognize the sarcastic and egocentric Holmes followed by a more sensitive and emotional Dr. Watson. The story keeps up a good tempo and keeps you on your toes and up of bed for mostly the whole game, except for a short part of a case, I will not mention too much, but there is a dog involved.

the Testament of Sherlock Holmes

The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Gameplay

Now on to the gameplay. If you are a fan of the puzzle sequences from Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood, not the annoying brickbuilding matrix from Revelations, but instead logical number sequences and symbolic translations, you will find yourself at home in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. Not only is there mathematical and logical puzzles to be solved but also deduction boards that will force you to think as a real detective, or as real as Sherlock gets, on how the crime has been committed. If you then put all this together you end up with a game you can be proud of completing. This will give you something to brag about with you FPS playing friends. You didn’t beat the game because of good reflexes, overpowered weapons or because you insulted the other players mother the most. You beat it because you are smart, and if that isn’t an ego-boost I don’t know what is.   Sure you can get help to find any clue and you can’t move on before everything is found, you can also skip puzzles which are too hard for you, but my question to you is. Could you really live with yourself if you did it?

the Testament of Sherlock Holmes

But of course there is always something bad that slips into a game and The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is no exception. In this case it is the graphics of the terrible attic cut-scenes that must be made by a trainee or maybe some designer’s grandson and the horrible lip-synch that haunts the game. In a game with many conversations in cut-scenes it really bothers me to see such a bad effort for lip-synch. For some of you that won’t be a problem, but for me it is. We all know how good game-graphics can be now a days, and La Noir set a standard for lip-synch of what is possible even for a small studio.

the Testament of Sherlock Holmes

To sum up. Even with the graphical flaws The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is still a great game for both fans of the genre and regular players who look for a game where kill/death ratios doesn’t matter.

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