Best Games To Come Out Of The United Kingdom

best United Kingdom video games

United Kingdom is renowned for many things! Fish n Chips, soccer and the Beatles but what most of us avid gamers don’t know is that it’s also home to some very talented game developers. Surprised? “I was under the assumption that most game developers are from Japan or USA” is the typical response that comes to mind. So the objective of this article would be to jot down the best games to come out of United Kingdom while also taking into consideration their developers. Here we go!

Fable, Fable II, Fable III

Developers: Lionhead Studios

Gamers recognize Lionhead Studios as a part of Microsoft Game Studios. But that doesn’t changes the fact that they are British and created one of the most beloved Role Playing Game series on Xbox namely Fable. Fable and its consequent parts have been the recipient of numerous awards outside United Kingdom and within it. Some of the awards bestowed on Fable and in turn Lionhead Studios are BAFTA Awards and Interactive achievement awards.

Heavenly Sword, Enslaved Odyssey to the West, Devil May Cry 3 (2013)

Developers: Ninja Theory  

Ninja Theory, who were originally known as Just Add Monsters hail from Cambridge, England. They are responsible for producing lovable titles like Heavenly Sword for PS3 and Enslaved Odyssey to the West. Heavenly Sword is the recipient of best new IP, visual arts, audio accomplishments and technical innovation awards. Ninja Theory are also in charge of developing the reboot of Devil May Cry. Trailers for DmC are available now on various sites.

Little Big Planet

Media Molecule

Originally established by Lionhead Studios, Media Molecule hail from Guildford, Surrey.

Now working under Sony Computer Entertainment, Media Molecule gave us the much loved and critically acclaimed game Little Big Planet.

LA Noire, Grand Theft Auto (China Town Wars, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories), Manhunt 2

Rockstar Leeds

Some people might argue about this last inclusion but the name makes it obvious enough! Rockstar Leeds have produced some very well known games in the GTA series and one famous for all the wrong reason game called Manhunt 2.

There you go folks! These are the most famous games to come out of United Kingdom along with their developers.

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