Need For Speed Most Wanted: Review

Need For Speed Most Wanted: Review

Need For Speed Most Wanted Review

With Need For Speed Most Wanted, British games developers Criterion Games have once again delivered an amazing experience that successfully blends unadulterated fun with fast paced, high octane action.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Gameplay

Being an open world racing simulator, Need For Speed Most Wanted gives the players total freedom, as no part of Fair Haven (City in which Need For Speed Most Wanted takes place) is inaccessible to the gamer. One of the best features of the game is that it does not put any restriction on the players and unlike other similar games where gamers have to unlock cars by completing various tasks, Need For Speed: MW gives you complete access to all of the vehicles along with all types of races right from the very beginning.

need for speed most wanted

The first thing that gamers will notice about Need For Speed : MW is how beautiful it looks. Criterion has done an amazing job in creating the city of Fair Haven, as the whole thing looks stunning from the underground tunnels to the wide open roads. Everything is designed with staggering attention to details. The controls in the game are smooth and highly responsive, and driving at 150 MPH while being chased by cops and avoiding all the hurdles the game throws at you, is thoroughly exhilarating.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Soundtrack

Soundtrack in Need For Speed : MW is diverse featuring rap, rock, alternative, and electronic selections. Just as with music, sound design in Need For Speed: MW is also exceptional. All cars sound realistic whether it’s the roar of the engine as you startup your vehicle or the crashing sound when you collide with another car; it sounds authentic and real.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Cars

There is a plethora of Need For Speed most wanted cars in the game. With each of the cars having different characteristics like acceleration, top speed, control and weight etc. As mentioned players do not have to unlock the cars, they just have to find them as they are cleverly hidden across the map. Every new type of vehicle the gamers find is equipped with most basic type of components at first, which can later be upgraded by spending Speed Points, earned by evading the police or by entering street races. The game does not feature any story and gamers only goal is to become the most wanted racer of Fair Haven and how they want to accomplish that is entirely up to them. Moving up that Most Wanted list requires aforementioned Speed Points.

need for speed most wanted

Multiplayer in Need For Speed: MW is also insanely fun and addictive with game modes like Takedown, Highest-Jump, and Racing with other variations thrown in for good measures.

The game does suffer from some minor problems like lack of proper story and only two views to pick from while driving namely third person, and first-person with just the road and no view this time around with the front view of your cars bumper.

Over all Need For Speed: MW is one of the best racing games available and one no fan of the genre should miss it. Need For Speed Most Wanted Xbox and Need For Speed Most Wanted PS3 have already done record business.

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