Dishonored : Is This The Game Of The Year?

Dishonored : Is This The Game Of The Year?


by Jason Bourne

Dishonored has taken many of us by surprise this year. It really has not had a whole lot of hype which really is a crying shame because more people need to play this game. Some of the guys who worked on Dishonored worked on the amazing Bioshock 2 and it does kind of show in both Dishonored game play and the setting.


Dishonored has been pigeon holed as a stealth game and I is a disservice. You see while stealth is a huge part of it, you actually can play the game how ever you want. You want to jump in there with brute force? go ahead  and give it ago. It will make the game much harder for you, but you can do it if you want.

Dishonored Is Fun

Dishonored is fun, but the story is what really sucked me in. You will be playing as Corvo, and Corvo is the guard for the Princess of a place called Dunwall. The developers really deserve a huge amount of credit for the world of Dunwall. It looks fantastic. It gives you that Bioshock feel (well without the water) but it also has a steam punk look to it as well. Anyway, back to the story. The empress is killed on your watch and you are framed for her murder, thus the name Dishonored

Once imprisoned you are broken free by a mysterious stranger who shows you how to use Corvo’s amazing abilities. So now you are free and you need to clear your name and stop a huge conspiracy. I really do not want to spoil the story at all. One really cool thing about the story is that there are multiple endings so its well worth playing through Dishonored more than once.

Play Dishonored: No Regrets

I loved Dishonored and I feel that its a game that everyone needs to at the very least try. Just be warned that this game does start off a little slow, but please do not let that make you reach for the power button. If you stick with it, Dishonored will have you enjoying one of the best adventures on a console this year.

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