UK Gamers More Sophisticated Than U.S. Gamers

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While American Gamers spew obscenities, annoying noises, and even slurs in online gaming, UK Gamers seem to focus more on supportive communication, eloquent team play, and a more cooperative spirit.

As the general stereotype goes, the world sees Americans as brash, crude and even rude. The Brits on the other hand seem to have the reputation as the standard for civility, and intelligence, even in war.

Going back to when England ruled the seas and thus the world, every population colonized was better for it. Great Britain is no longer the empire it once was and America has replaced it, and all empires before it. No empire in history has in such a short time acquired so much territory, influence, and power than the United States of America.

But this is not a history lesson. The above is merely a back drop for a more relevant subject: Online Gaming Etiquette.

Uk Gamers

It goes without saying that strapping on a headset in a CoD Deathmatch will expose you to a barrage of bad language, cursing, bragging, and my favorite, singing or annoying noises; or… my other favorite, hearing a player’s entire personal conversation with his girlfriend, kids, wife, or his “boys”.

“Bro, put your shit on mute or get off the game, because I’m too busy fraggin fools to mute you.”

I won’t lie. I have been the source of such obscenities, bad chat etiquette, and unhelpful commentary and chastising laughter.

UK gamers in contrast seem to focus more on the actual game-play, discussing either the game or having general conversation, remaining relatively inoffensive, comfortable, and laid back. Very much like sitting in a pub, with a pint having a good time with your blokes.

From a personal perspective there’s nothing more enjoyable than playing a co-op strategy game with a Brit. It’s fun and enjoyable. They’re insightful and helpful without being arrogant. This is a stark contrast to most American strategy geniuses that can’t help but make a point of how much better they are than you are. Switch gaming genre from strategy to fps and it gets worse.

While no group of gamers, males or females, Brits or Americans, have a monopoly on being the best in Call of Duty games, what is clear is that Americans dominate in “unsportsmanlike conduct” and Brits, much like James Bond, take care of business with class and style.

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By Ludos

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  • Blair

    It’s hard not to agree with some aspects of this article. It’s true that COD matches can be pretty heated. I’ve heard racial slurs from good ole’ boys. That’s not cool.

    That is the only thing that bothers me in online gaming. The racial slurs. Everything else is just part of the game. Just enjoy the rants and play the game I say.

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