7 Best Places to Buy Video Games Cheap

7 Best Places to Buy Video Games Cheap

For gamers of all kinds, here are the 7 best places to buy video games cheap. Whether you’re a collector, reseller, casual or hardcore gamer this list is for you.


buy cheap games half.comThis website has some of the best prices online. Some prefer it to Amazon because of that. The games can be arranged by current popularity according to sales. This feature can also be used for games on retro consoles. Since collectors may need more details on condition and so forth it may be difficult to contact the seller directly. 

Local Stores

Depending on location, you may be able to find a mom & pop video game shops. Searching the yellow pages and/or craigslist will help you to find these shops.


buy video games ebayAs you know eBay has just about everything. With patience, you can find the best deals by bidding on auctions or use the “buy it now” feature instead. eBay is best for collectors since there are personal pictures taken for advanced detail. 


craigslistA website that lists local ads. Each city has its own craigslist page. You will most likely only find popular games here. You can also post a ‘wanted’ ad asking for something you’re looking for. Again, patience is key and negotiating can help you cut a great deal.


cex buy cheap video gamesCeX has a few store locations across the USA and UK. Video games are sold at low prices and trade in values is always available on their site for those that want to research. 


buy cheap video games amazonRecently Amazon opened a Retro Video Game Store expanding its video game catalog to the old school games. Again, communication with the seller is not so smooth here. 

Flea Market/Yard Sale

Both can be found on craigslist or check local listings. You never know what you’ll find so be prepared to know the value of the video game merchandise. 

Note: Cheap Ass Gamer is also a great guide for saving money on gaming.

By Dauddy

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  • TheGamingMonkey1

    Have y’all ever tried Glyde, it is a good website I buy games from here after a couple of weeks that it has been out. I remember I did not buy Skyrim on launch day and I went to gamestop like around Christmas time and they were 54 dollars used, so the gamestop employee, ironic, told me about Glyde.com, I bought it for 30 dollars and the game came in amazing condition. You have the choice to buy the game as new, excellent, good, or disc only. Just to give another example I can buy Assassins Creed 3 right now for $54 new or $41.25 excellent.

  • Ludos

    That’s an awesome tip GamingMonkey! Thanks!!!

  • Alex

    I use that link to find the cheapest used games online. it’s fast and simple and compares prices of all offers online

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