Why Obama’s Re-Election Is Good For Gamers


By Ludos

Regardless of your personal politics, one thing is for sure, the re-election of Barrack Obama to a second term in office will prove to be great for gamers. With the economy on the up-swing, whoever made their merry way into the White House was bound to take credit for the bounties and economic boom that is at this point inevitable in the U.S. economy. Ok, enough uppity talk. Here’s why we’re in for a great next four years (from a gaming perspective).


I don’t know of anyone, including myself that is particularly excited about the next generation of consoles. Both Gamers (consumers) and Sony and Microsoft (producers) feel there is a lot more juice (money and gaming fun) that can be squeezed out of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. With that said, I can confidently announce that Obama’s re-election will in fact delay the release of the next generation of consoles and here’s why.


The markets will stabilize bringing publishers and developers an influx of cash. The current blockbuster games out will add to the coffers of developers, publishers and Sony and Microsoft alike. From indie game makers to Rockstar, everyone will see an increase of cash from investors and consumers. In this case, cash will actually “buy” them time.

You see, it seems something new comes out every month. Pinterest, bugaloo, wtchmaklit… It’s all happening too fast, leaving the likes of Sony and Microsoft with their heads spinning. Why are their heads spinning? Because they want to make sure you can tweet, and “Like”, Pin, and Stumble, and whatever the hell else is invented by the time you’re done reading this article on their freshly minted machines of the future… Because make no mistake, that is what they will be. Blu-ray shmu-ray… No one gives a damn about that and Sony and Microsoft interns can work that technology in without breaking a sweat, including every other feature you may have already heard of.


What both Sony and Microsoft want is a machine that will both make use of all media, and be forward compatible. Notice I said FORWARD compatible. The next gen consoles will be flexible and harness and wield power like an NSA supercomputer.

Obama’s re-election means that Sony and Microsoft don’t have to do what neither they, nor we, want them to do: Release a next gen console…yet. This election has given them more time and money to do exactly what they really want to do.


Don’t look for a next gen console until at least 2 years into Obama’s administration and 2 E3’s under each of their belts (Sony and Microsoft). And although not mentioned in this article, Nintendo and Nintendo fans stand to benefit the most. Gosh knows they need some benefits. Obamacare and entitlements to the rescue!!!

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  • What

    Stabilize??…US is getting worse financially with this man still in office. What kind of world are you living in?….Learn politics and economy before making ridiculous claims.

  • lol

    What he means is that with larger welfare checks people will be able to afford to buy more console games now, which will in turn prolong the current generation of consoles.

  • What

    lol touche

  • Mike Ockizard

    Wow, way to randomly inject your politics into a pointless article. Here I though gaming was the one place I could forget about the idiotic partisanship of today’s political climate, but now I have to read about how Obama is saving gaming!

    On top of that, your best justification is that exciting new technology will be delayed due to market stabilization and economic recovery………….which is the exact opposite of what is occurring right now. Please re-educate yourself and stop trying to making everything political.

  • Ludos

    Wow! way to paint me blue and peg me for an Obama supporter, which is what I suspect you’re doing. As noted early on the article. Whoever won the election would take credit for the incoming recovery. And yes it’s coming, but this is not the forum for that. Sign up for my Ludos Mundi VIP club and we’ll get you some entitlements… That’s a joke. You see what I did there? It’s like funny but you don’t really know where I’m coming from or where I’m going.

    Still thanks for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it! I’ll put you down on the FAN column. All joking aside, thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts.

  • abner

    likewise, i dont mind next-gen being delayed at all

  • PeenerShot

    Recovery? One of the biggest obstacles to the Obama campaign was the fact that the Bush-Era economy was better than that of today. Then to go on about how the recovering economy will prompt publishers/developers NOT to push next-generation consoles? A recovering economy will do the exact opposite. Sure, luxury items are still given priority in a terrible economy, but people are even more willing to buy into the latest, greatest electronics if they have the money to spend. That’s just basic economics.

  • Ludos

    I disagree with you. Because of the items I outlined such as the rapid pace of change and evolution in both technology and social media, they won’t want to put out a product that is not supremely optimized to take advantage of all these and also be flexible enough to absorb and monetize on innovations that we’ve yet to see. If you think Twitter and FB are the be all of Social Media, just wait. There’s group of fellas in a garage somewhere that are going to eclipse what we at this time consider the Standard for social media.

    If you don’t think Social Media is relevant to the next gen consoles then let me just show you exhibit A: Borderlands 2. The main menu constantly harasses me to follow them in twitter.

  • Ludos

    One thing is for sure. This is Sony’s LAST SHOT at being able to viably (profitably) stay in the console market. Everyone knows it. Especially Sony. If they don’t get their Next Gen Console right, they will be relegated to Mobile, PSP and the likes.

    Microsoft has it down to a science.

  • Mike Ockizard

    Ok Ludos, sorry for jumping to conclusions and painting you as an Obama supporter, I guess I am a bit naive. Although it may be a tad misleading that you have giant Obama campaign photos and slogans plastered all over the page, and are blindly crediting him with something he has no power over. Typically people don’t do that for someone they AREN’T huge fans of.

    Reading over the article again, it is clear that you AREN’T supporting Obama. You stated that regardless of who won the white house, there would be an economic recovery, which I agree with, although it will recovery in spite of Obama’s policies, not because of them. I do have to say it was a clever way to get hits for your site by using a controversial election to draw in some outsiders……touche!

  • Mike Ockizard

    Oh one more thing. To reply to your above comment, I do agree that this will be Sony’s last shot at a profitable console, although I hope that doesn’t mean they will get conservative with the specs and try something like the Wii U. I was a Sony convert this gen due to quality issues, but Microsoft definitely had Sony beat in ease of development, online services, controller and a few other areas.

    I do have to disagree that Microsoft has it down to a science though. I was a huge Xbox fan from the original to the 360, but they lost me due to quality issues (4 busted 360s in 2 years is unacceptable). It will take a lot for them to win me back, as I am more inclined to buy a quality product that will last over a shiny fancy one that wears out in a month. Unless they do something AMAZING and give a long warranty on the 720, I will NOT be considering their next console.

  • Ludos

    Mike!! Yes! One of the funny things is that as I was thinking about how the important thing would not be backwards compatibility, but rather evolution capabilities, I started writing “forward compatible”, and lo and behold, I had an Image of the Obama “Forward” poster on my other monitor. It was pure coincidence but I ran with it.

    I have had a lot of trouble with my Xbox but they’ve replaced it every time. 3 times. You’re right, Microsoft does not have it down to a science but I really feel they are more resourceful.

    Thanks Mike!! You’re the best!!! Good comments and points you made.

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