Top 3 PS4 and Xbox 720 Reveals So Far


Sony PS4 playstation 4

Sony PS4

1.Will it even be called PS4?

First and foremost, there’s the name controversy. Will the new console be called “Orbis” or pure and simple continuation of PlayStation with number 4 added to it? The details are still sketchy to say the least.


 2.What about graphics?

The top priority for any console is the graphics rendering chip which has the potential to make or break it. So far, the circulating rumors are that new Sony console would be powered by AMD A10 APU or either 28nm AMD southern islands graphics power. The tech savvy fans however are hoping that Sony would realize that by the time PS4 (if it can even be called that) makes an appearance, these chips would be quite obsolete. Hopefully, Sony will include steamroller APU complete with a newer and more powerful graphics core.


3.Surely it would be backward compatible with PS3 games?

Lastly, would PS3 owners be able to play their current console games on the newer console? Chances are that Sony would gear up their new console to be representative of the next generation in gaming which means no backward compatibility. Hang on tight to those games and your PS3 consoles!

Xbox 720

microsoft xbox 720

Microsoft Xbox 720

1.Will it even be called Xbox 720?

Unlike Sony, Microsoft has decided to take the reveal it all approach as details are now somewhat confirmed about the upcoming new Xbox. The development project of the new Xbox was code named “Durango” and the finished product would indeed be called Xbox 720.


2.What would be the salient features and price tag?

Xbox enthusiasts have dug up some credible information in this regard, as they tracked down a patent filed by Jeffery Andrews, who serves as the Chief Hardware Architect at Microsoft. According to it, the new console will have more than four cores, 4-6 GB of RAM and would be 64 bit.



3.Release date?

Microsoft has a track record of releasing quite a few products simultaneously to commemorate an occasion. The same is expected in regards to new Xbox release date; it would be coming out with a new line of products like Windows 8 etc., hopefully, by Christmas 2013.

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The release of the next gen-consoles are a reason to both be excited and nervous about. In an increasingly lucrative industry, developers, publishers and the three major console makers, are in a nonstop search for that edge. These machines could in fact determine if they will be the last of their kind for their respective makers, making it all the more critical that they get it right; not just for the gamer, but for the bottom line. In the final analysis, you can assuredly expect the next generation of consoles to be multipurpose, more so than ever before, with features and capabilities that may not even come to light until months after, what seems like, their distant release. The PS4 and Xbox 720, if that is what they will be called, will bring forth a new era of gaming, that may in fact wipe the PC off the map.

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