Black Ops 2 & NBA 2K13 Is All We Play

black ops nba 2k13

Black Ops 2 & NBA 2K 13 Is All We Play

By Dauddy

I call it like I see it. The casual gamers in my town only tend to play NBA 2K13 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. At times I consider myself one of them as well. I agree with only needing two or three games to keep busy. These two series are what we play; the latest NBA 2K and the latest Call of Duty. Plus, we’re usually playing them on Xbox 360 since the PS3 is still quite pricey.


Back in 2007, I had yet to own an Xbox 360 and was still playing my sports games on last gen consoles. NBA 2K7 was the reason I bought an Xbox 360. I wanted to the next-gen graphics on my favorite NBA game. The attention to detail and animation was phenomenal. Upgrading a game to a next-gen console will improve the game quality in every way; when done right. With NBA 2K13’s recent release it’s like having that sensation all over again, our favorite game one more time enhanced. All of our friends will gather around it, and co-op game play will be it’s best feature. It’s the equivalent of playing NBA JAM back on the SNES and Genesis days.

Black Ops

The Call of Duty series is another gem for casual gamers. Most gamers don’t even know the difference between Treyarch and Infinity Ward. They just play the latest COD. “No wonder Black Ops feels so sluggish”, I said to myself after reading about Treyarch. But no matter, Black Ops 2 is coming and so we’re playing the prequels and arguing which one is best. Ever since the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2007 the FPS genre has not been the same. Some say it’s the same marketing scheme as sports games but who’s to blame? I wonder what the next big game that’ll have gamers abandon the COD series.

NBA 2K & Black Ops In My Town

My town’s filled with casual gamers but these games keep us young. The NBA 2K is seriously fun and is one of the only games that keep co-op gaming alive. Might I add, the NBA 2K games run smoother on PS3. Call of Duty is best played online, we can all remember the first time we played COD, learning new curse words and laughing at randomness. I wonder if the gamers in your town are like mine, or maybe they just play Minecraft, Skyrim and Pokémon? Perhaps we can learn something from casual gamers, less talk and more play. Like I said Black Ops 2 & NBA 2K13 Is All We Play.

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