Why We Love FPS ( First Person Shooters) Games

Why We Love FPS ( First Person Shooters) Games


Why We Love FPS ( First Person Shooters) Games

Video games have the capability to immerse us into a fantastical world where we can cast aside norms imposed by society! There are different gaming genres out there that weave a fabricated world so vivid that it’s difficult not to completely lose touch with reality. A favorite gaming genre is FPS ( First Person Shooter ). First person shooters work by putting the players smack in the middle of all the action. Players get to experience and see the gaming world and environment through the eyes of the protagonist, which gives it a very convincing first person perspective.

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Critics of the genre would argue that an FPS is merely an innovative take on hack and slash genre with guns substituting for medieval weapons. It doesn’t allow the character development of the protagonist, which in turn doesn’t let the player identify and connect with their on screen unseen companion. That might have been the case when the genre was young and defined by games, such as, Doom and Wolfenstein! Due to technology limitations of those bygone days, players had to make do with a simple premise and minimal on screen representation of the protagonist. But, first person shooters have come a long way, since the genre’s humble beginnings. Take for example the ever lovable protagonists of the game Borderlands 2. Each character has its own distant style, behavioral pattern and attitude.

Some Notable FPS

Games Include

And we can also delve into some of the best selling shooters as well as some of the Top FPS  Games Worth Revisiting.

Upcoming line of top FPS

looks really promising to say the least! With games like the upcoming Far Cry 3 pushing the envelope for graphics, storyline and realism in mimicking the real world mechanics of shooting etc. These first person shooters have emotional content as well as the old rustic “shoot em up” charm; the protagonists are fully realized and conceptualized beings which will definitely hit a chord with players. FPS ( First Person Shooters ) is one genre that has evolved and gotten better with the passing of time and is a mainstay in the gaming industry for at least decades to come.

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