ROMs Illegal?


Peace. I hear quite some controversy in the west about what is and is not illegal i.e. playing ROMs on emulators. Some discuss what if I own the game while others play by the book? In this generation we will not go back and forth on this subject. There is no need to justify what you do or don’t do. Western philosophy turns everything into good vs. evil causing us to turn on each other day and night. Common sense is lacking all over this matter.

Playing ROMs breaks down the categories, “play ‘em” or “illegal”. Most of the gaming community plays ROMs and may fly right by this article, needing not to get involved in the controversy. Others justify their actions publicly as if the peanut gallery is the Supreme Court. The other side of the community seems to know what’s right without needing a book thrown at them or someone telling the rules of the game like an instruction manual. So, Are ROMs illegal? This is the fundamental question. Or is it? Perhaps the question should be, is it ethical to play ROMs? Here’s my answer

If playing ROMs is not in your itinerary then keep to yourself, and don’t guilt trip the next guy.

We understand what you’re saying but you’re not Dr. Manhattan. Lets not cause a war now, because that’s how they start. Keep your pistol in your holster ‘cause every chance you get your out to kill, commenting on your obvious convictions or parading as a vigilante for the well being of the community. You don’t care about the community. We need to check ourselves, are you here to build or destroy? Don’t let others instill fear or guilt in you that’s the only motive aside from defending their self-importance. So, beware of the comments, online interactions, not rated by the ESRB.

ROMs By Dauddy.

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