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Dead Island Riptide


dead island riptide
Developer Techland’s hit Dead Island is getting a follow up, Dead island Riptide. Despite technically being a role playing game, it gained fans as one of the best shooter games for Xbox, PS3 and PC this past year, although it did have some issues. Luckily, Techland patched up the problems and learned from their troubles, promising Riptide to be a much smoother experience, as well as a once again worthy contender in the competitive market of first person shooter games for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

The Trailer For Dead Island Riptide Gives A Minimum Of Information

Players who remember the video for the first Dead Island might experience deja vu watching Dead Island Riptide’s clip. It opens with a rather touching scene of a couple looking intently into each other’s eyes. There is a romanticism to the scene until one notices the horde of zombies closing in on the pair. The camera pans to show a couple of gas containers as zombies break through the windows. The woman whispers a silent “I love you” to the man. A lighter is held in his hand and they strike it together blowing up the zombies along with each other. What?

What is known about the game is mostly through press releases and rumors. The game will take place in an island called Palani. A major monsoon has nearly destroyed the island, making boats the usual mode of transportation. Paddling a dingy boat through a swamp of zombies sounds like a tense and fun adventure. An upgraded physics engine will make weather an important element of the game, low visibility and rising tides have to be considered in any trips through the dangerous surroundings.

A greater emphasis on combat makes for a more engaging story. Teamwork is key as players must coordinate the location of defensive traps, gas can bombs, homemade landmines and gun nests to survive the horde. There will also be an increase in ammo to allow those who love their firepower to really shine. A fifth character is being added to the roster, one with a new skill set that will help take on the new mutations being added to the game. The communication system has been reworked, streamlining the sync between teams. Players can use their saved character from the previous game and newbies can play right along with their maxed out friends’ characters. Focus on co-op fun is a driving point of Dead island Riptide.The game is scheduled for release in December 2012. It will be available on Xbox, PS3 and PC. Techland did a good job listening to fans and fixing the mistakes in their first entry through various patches. Riptide applies these fixes, adding to the fun through a better engine, increasing the bloody fun and a larger level cap. Hopefully Techland releases more trailers and previews soon. Fans are more than ready for the Riptide ( Dead Island Riptide ).

Dead Island Riptide By Veritas.

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