Far Cry 3: Paradise of Insanity Is it true?


Far Cry 3: Paradise of Insanity Is it true?


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First person shooter Far Cry 3 is the long awaited sequel finally coming out? Developer Ubisoft Montreal assures fans that this time they mean it. The Far Cry games are established as some of the best first person shooter games for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and the long wait is draining on the fanbase. The third installment, Far Cry 3, has been mired in postponements for over a year, citing needed reworks after some heavy testing, specially the uninspiring online aspect. Multiple Ubisoft divisions have been hard at work on the title and judging by the trailers, it is worth the wait. Far Cry 3 certainly makes the list of must have shooter games for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

This first person shooter, slated to be the one of best fps shooters online, set somewhere between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the paradise depicted in Far Cry 3 is plagued by merciless pirates. After a run in with the bad guys, main protagonist Jason Brody watches his friend be murdered and has no recourse but to make a dangerous escape. Another friend depicted in the trailer video may still be alive and Jason sets out to find her before leaving the hell in which he has awakened. In his way stands antagonist Vaas Montenegro, the clearly unhinged leader of the outlaws. The Insanity Trailer that features Vaas shows a calculating and volatile man who seems to have lost his mind long ago. Recent trailers reveal that in this top first person shooter game, even mad Vaas supposedly pales in comparison to his boss, Hoyt Volker.


Insanity is a constant theme in the story of Far Cry 3. The island seems to cause its inhabitants’ minds to slowly deteriorate into madness. Jason is not immune to this effect and it will be interesting to see his progression from the everyday guy he seems to be to the cold, ruthless killer he will have to become. To fight his way out he will need some serious firepower. There are many ways to get guns in the game but the sellers are all strictly cash. Jason will have to make some money running side missions, errands and even hunting in the lush jungles of this open world. This will also net him experience points to level up his skills. Not that it is all about guns, stealth kills are an important mechanic in carefully treading enemy territory. Exploration is a major part of the game and the beautifully rendered landscapes are inviting but fraught with violent inhabitants and ferocious wild life. There will be a fast travel system as in previous entries, but players can also command vehicles to traverse the island. The map editor seen in FC 2 will return but with some added depth, according to the developer.

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Ubisoft Massive is handling the far Cry 3 multiplayer mode and hoping to make it competitive with popular games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. Teamplay is emphasized greatly and players will gain support points, which allows purchases of perks, for helping each other. Domination mode has teams going for control of three points on the map. Teams may call out whether they are attacking or defending each point. Everyone can heal everyone. Each class in Far Cry 3 has one unique skill to use in combat called a Batlle Cry. Battle Cries can be used for team healing and increasing reload speeds. Upon winning Domination, the top scoring winning player decides what to do with the top player of the losing team. The option to Punish shows a merciless beating while Pardon lets the opponent go free. A mobile app will be released to both advertise the game and reward players online for getting friends to try the demo for the game. Players who choose to pre-order the game through Gamestop, will receive four additional missions as well as “two extra way to mess with (their) friends” in online play. Despite the delays, fans are excited for Far Cry 3. Ubisoft is carrying the best features from the previous entry into the new installment and working out problems that plagued the second entry.

Far Cry has a strong following, one willing to continue to give the series a fair shot at staying on their list of games to play making Far Cry 3 a top contender in the shooter genre. Releasing the game after some of the best shooter games for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC like Halo 4 and Call of Duty are out is a risky bet. They are betting Far Cry 3 will best the rest of the top first person shooters. One can only assume Ubisoft absolutely needed the time enough to scrap the September 4th release, which would have put them just that much ahead. If all goes well for Ubisoft, Far Cry 3 will release on December 4th and there will be enough hype to drive this paradise of insanity to the top of the first person shooter  pile where it belongs.

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