PETA Attacks Pokémon


PETA Attacks Pokémon

To my great joy the latest installment of the Pokémon franchise was released yesterday on October 7th. Pokémon Black and White 2 hit the shelves with amazing sales numbers and both games were very well received. As a dedicated Pokémon fan I was simply ecstatic to learn of this news. I have enjoyed the Pokémon franchise since I was very young and will continue to do so as long as GameFreak produces these absolutely terrific games.

However My Bliss Was Cut Short As I Learned Of A New Pokémon Game That Was Recently Released

Pokémon Black and Blue. Pokémon Black and Blue was created by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in an attempt to teach children the cruelty behind animal abuse. The game portrays Pokémon trainers as maniacal beings who care for only money and entertainment. Not only that but the game features Pokémon that are bruised, bloody, battered, and beaten. I was simply outraged at just the concept of the game! So of course I directed my internet browser to PETA’s website and played through the absolute worst representation of Pokémon I have ever witnessed.


The game starts out with a text screen that reads as follows, “As battling Pokémon grew in popularity generations of children were growing up believing that Pokémon exist for no other reason than to be used and abused by humans. Children learned about dominance instead of compassion. While Pokémon faced the worst abuses, children also started bullying each other. Until one Pokémon decided he’d had enough.” I have no idea who is in charge of PETA’s research department but they need to be fired! Pokémon, in both the anime and video game, preach nothing but compassion and love. In fact, several Pokémon won’t even evolve unless they like you enough. If Pokémon promotes bullying then pencils are responsible for misspelled words. I cannot even begin to count the number of times Pokémon brought myself and other children together. Trading Pokémon with the link cable, battling each other, and helping one another complete our poke’dex’s. We were there for each other, giving advice and serving as a support system. On a daily basis! Not only Pokémon Trainers, but brothers.

The game continues to the opening scene where Pikachu is preparing to battle a deranged trainer named Cheren. Pikachu is wearing several bandages, a metal collar with a chain attached to it, and his body is covered in blood. Putting all the misrepresentations aside, to show Pikachu in such a state is just sad. Why PETA? Why would you allow yourself to stoop to such a level? You claim to love animals yet you have no problem bloodying one up for your own gain. Actually you did this to several Pokémon. In the games Pokémon were never displayed with any physical or atheistic injuries.

The gameplay is actually very similar to a Pokémon game

You are presented with a battle screen and have two options: Pokémon and Fight. The attacks are very close to what you would encounter in a real Pokémon game however the attacks that would normally affect your opponent’s stats, such as tail whip or growl, are replaced with names like “Protest” or “Group Hug”.  However the trainer’s attacks are much more morbid, using moves like “Meat Cleaver” and “Dissection”. After defeating the first trainer you add another Pokémon to your party and a bloody Nurse Joy says she wished to aid you in your fight claiming that, “Like all thinking and feeling beings, Pokémon must surely suffer terribly when they are cut up in experiments or forced to fight.” She then presents you with a chest which you will receive after every battle. The chests usually contain some sort of animal rights video or product that you can share to Facebook or other social media. Pikachu and the other Pokémon decide that if they can make to the global tower they can spread their message of Pokémon retribution.  As you continue down a path that is littered with bloody bear traps and trees you must face three more trainers; all claiming that they do not love nor care for Pokémon. Once you have defeated them you are presented with a final battle. You must defeat Ask Ketchum. Ash is wearing what appears to be a ringmaster’s costume, similar to what you would see in a circus. He wields a bull whip and a meat hook. As the battle begins Ash informs Pikachu that he never loved him nor had an inkling of care for him. I suppose PETA forgot about the time Ash sacrificed himself for Pikachu or failed to remember when Ash tried to let Pikachu go because he thought that Pikachu wanted to be released into the wild.  Anyways, after defeating Ash he apologizes for the error of his ways and joins you on your journey to liberate Pokémon. You are presented with a congratulatory screen where you can review all the treasure won and share the game on various social media outlets. With that the game ends.

I don’t even know where to start. This monstrosity is wrong on so many levels. As an organization I hope PETA is prepared for the negative repercussions of their actions. Not to mention the fact that Nintendo is so sensitive with their copyrighted material. I’m sure they did not appreciate one of their premier trademarks parading around with a chain around his neck and blood covering his body. Putting all of that aside however, PETA denounced Pokémon games for what they are. Pokémon games do not promote the abuse of animals for monetary gain. The games allow us to build a relationship with a being that puts all of their trust in us as trainers. I have played every single Pokémon game since Red Version and can vividly recall every Pokémon I have ever caught. I love them! I would never do anything to harm them! I refuse to allow any Pokémon on my team to learn self-destruct simply because I genuinely care for them that much. I’m sure many people would call me weird or strange if they heard this but I’m not. I’m a Pokémon Master! And I know there are others out there who are with me on this. PETA has attempted to delude my childhood with lies and false accusations. I will not stand for it! Pokémon games taught me what it meant to build a relationship on trust. The games showed me the importance of having the backs of those who always have yours. Through my hours of gameplay I learned that if you put hard work and passion into a goal anything can be accomplished.

PETA has gone too far.

Pokémon fans are coming, and they’re bringing hell with them.

By Mittens

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  • mikey

    lolz….trying to understand anything peta does is your first mistake….accept that its an organization made up of psychos,for psychos…once youve done that stories like these will make alot more sense

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