Castle Crashers Weapons

Castle Crashers Weapons

castle crasher weapons

Castle Crashers, when it was first released on the Xbox 360 in 2008, became this huge cult hit, with its Castle Crashers Characters and some over the top Castle Crasher Weapons. Castle Crashers for PS3  was released a couple of years later along with Castle Crashers for PCand, boy, did it made the game even bigger. The game Castle Crashers is a kind of throwback to the old school side scrolling beat ‘em ups that populated the SNES and Mega Drive, but done in a modern style with a few RPG-like elements thrown in. There is a ton of content in Castle Crashers such as various new Castle Crashers characters to unlock. One of the things that fans really love is the crazy weapons. Here, we take a look at some of the best Castle Crashers weapons.

Apart from the downloadable content, Castle Crashers for PC, Castle Crashers for PS3 and Castle Crashers 360 all share the same over the top weapons. The weapons are split into various groups.

Castle Crashers Weapons

Castle Crashers Weapons

Castle Crashers Weapons Group 1

The group 1 weapons are fairly basic. They start of with a standard skinny sword. The others are listed here by how powerful they are:

  • Thin Sword
  • Thick Sword
  • Pumpkin Peeler

The Pumpkin Peeler sets the tone for the crazy weapons Castle Crashers is going to throw at you.

Castle Crashers Weapons Group 2

Group 2 has some of what look like pretty standard swords and look really cool in the hand of your Castle Crashers KnightThe weapons in this group range from the standard Gladiator Sword, a Butcher Sword, a William Wallace inspired Claymore Sword and the Carrot. Yes, that’s right, Castle Crashers the game has a Carrot Sword and, the crazy thing is, it’s actually pretty good to use. Highly recommend this weapon for this category.

Castle Crashers Weapons Group 3

The group 3 Castle Crashers weapons have sort of a medieval vibe to them. They all look like pretty standard blades, but, once you beat the Castle Keep level, you can unlock an extra and really cool Barbarian Weapon. So, while group 3 may not be the most wild set of weapons, in the Castle Crashers game these Castle Crashers Weapons can still do some major blunt force trauma style damage.

Castle Crashers Weapons Group 4

Group 4 Castle Crashers Weapons has some really fun things for you to unlock. A personal favorite is the Apple Peeler Sword, Have you ever beaten a bad guy with an apple peeler? Well, in Castle Crashers you can. Group 4 Castle Crashers Weapons also has some cool maces for you to use. These are the Regular Mace, the Ugly Mace and the Refined Mace for those of us who like to cave in skulls with a little bit of class.

Castle Crashers Weapons

Castle Crashers Weapons Group 5

The first thing to mention when talking about this group of Castle Crashers Weapons is the Fish. Who needs a sword when you can hit someone with a big wet fish? Also, this group has the amazing Clunky Mace weapon that adds a extra +5 to your strength. The extra power really helps you take out some of the tougher bad guys in your quest to discover all the Castle Crashers unlockables. We also have the amusing Rat Beating Bat weapon in this Castle Crashers Weapons group.

Castle Crashers Weapons Group 6

Group 6 Castle Crashers Weapons in Castle Crashers has kind of a green vibe to it. There are more than a few weapons that will see your Castle Crashers characters dump the blades in exchange for the Twig or the Leafy Twig. In addition to this, there is a Skeleton’s Leg to use. What this group is best known for is the addition of the Lightsaber. Want your Castle Crasher Knight to look a little like Luke Skywalker? Get the Lightsaber.

Castle Crashers Weapons Group 7

There are some really messed up things in group 7. Some of these are the most fondly remembered by Castle Crashers fans. We have a Giant Steak, a Lobster, a Sausage and there is even an Alien Gun. Considering how crazy the Castle Crashers Weapons are in Castle Crashers, it makes one wonder just how insane the weapons would be in a Castle Crashers 2.

Castle Crashers Weapons Group 8

Group 8 Castle Crashers Weapons will see your Castle Crashers Knight go into battle with a Fishing Rod and a Lollipop, to name the two most “out there” Castle Crashers Weapons. In addition to this, group 8 has the Evil Sword which has a really powerful defense.

Castle Crashers Weapons Group 9

Group 9 Castle Crashers Weapons is the final group and it has some amazing stuff. The Chainsaw that comes with the Necromancer DLC pack is one of the best Castle Crashers unlockables by a mile. You can also get your hands on a really cool, but not that powerful, Demon Sword. The Chicken Stick is easily the oddest weapon in group 9. Castle Crashers Weapons 101.

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